Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 22, 2016

When it comes to Mustang enthusiasts, the two things that are very important to each of us are dyno numbers and track times. Sometimes track times are less important compared to dyno numbers because with the latest Mustang you can have your horsepower cake and drive it on the street, too. There was a time when driving a 1,000hp Mustang wasn’t so convenient, but with today’s technology, 1,000 horsepower is getting to be commonplace.

For our Battle at the Beach, it’s all about horsepower. We’re not worried about track times, or what you made back home. All that matters is what you make at the Battle at the Beach, held in conjunction with Mustang Week at the Myrtle Beach mall.

We partnered up again with the hard-working guys from Pro Dyno to provide a chassis dyno for all competitors to compete on and to provide a level playing field. With everyone on the same dyno, in the same elements, these aspects provide everyone with the same prospect of failure or success. Here’s a quick look at the results.

Outside of celebrities, rock stars, or models, Jeff Scofield could be one of the most popular people on Instagram. His 2014 Shelby GT500 is a big reason for that. With a MPR-built 5.8-liter stroker, Kris Starnes heads, a Kenne Bell 4.7 supercharger, and a Palm Beach Dyno tune, Jeff won this year’s Battle at the Beach by making 1,231-rwhp.

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