Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 23, 2016

Mustang Week is full of smaller shows and gatherings throughout the week, but when Friday rolls around, it’s time to clean up the ‘Stang and get serious. During the week’s festivities, we’ve driven our Mustang from one place to another, cleaning it every morning, only to do it all over again. A simple wipe down, or a car wash quickie is done during the week to knock the dust off, but before Friday’s big event, the Mustang gets a full detail for the show at the Myrtle Beach mall. Prior to Friday’s show, there’s a small contingent of vendors, but come Friday, all arrived overnight like Santa to bring the latest presents for the Mustang market. If you can’t find a Mustang you like at Friday’s show, then you need to find a different hobby.

Latemodel Restoration (LMR) always has a large footprint at Mustang Week. That only makes sense with the majority of their parts and pieces aimed squarely at Mustang Week attendees. LMR is one of the larger suppliers in the Mustang market, with parts available for 1979-2016 Mustangs.
It seems the car of Mustang Week 2016 is the new Shelby GT350. It’s really hot right now, and everyone wants one. With a few in appearance this week, they’re really standing out. With Jeff Scofield’s ProCharged GT350, Blow-By Racing took a GT350R and installed a D-1SC, a step up from the P-1SC-2 on Jeff’s ride.

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