Thom Taylor Staff Editor
June 14, 2016

One of the cornerstones of the hot rod culture is the Ford Mustang, and its rich history of small block and big block haulers. Even the much-maligned Mustang II-era had some pretty cool cars when you look at it through our 2016 glasses. And their powertrains and other bits and pieces are used as the basis for many transplants. So, we have to do a Power Tour gallery of just some of the abundant Mustangs roaming around the 2016 Power Tour. Besides all of the Fox-body versions and more recent iterations, we have a number of duplicate Mustangs including two red 1968 Shelby KR 500 convertibles. How likely was this to ever happen? One is shaved of emblems, while the other appears stock. Check them out in this gallery. We’ve yet to spy a Boss 302 or Boss 429, but have seen them I past Power Tours, and wouldn’t be surprised if one or a few show up. As with some other makes we’ve also seen our fair share of convertibles—it just seems like Power Tour brings them out. And why not? It’s a great way to enjoy your car, the sun, and some friends.

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