Courtney Barber
June 13, 2016

The Hot Rod Power has been in my mind since this time last year. You may remember during the updates on Project Road Warrior, my goal was to have the car ready for last year’s Hot Rod Power Tour. But the car had other plans and I was like a dog at the window watching everyone's journey online. Fast forward to two months ago when I started my Hot Rod Power Tour cheer. Dave Mahan of Stono Body Works, who helped me build Project Road Warrior, agreed to go on the adventure with me and every time I showed up at the shop I would yell “HOT ROD POWER TOUR!” I'm pretty sure the neighboring businesses think I have Tourettes!

As you can imagine the excitement built the closer we got to wheels up. We were actually planning on leaving South Carolina on Friday but Thursday morning I woke up and started seeing posts of people on the way and we decided it was go time! The drive to Louisiana was around 800 miles and the whole time I was searching the road and checking the rear view mirror waiting to see our first fellow Tour participant. If by chance the guy who was driving a Challenger through New Orleans on Friday afternoon is reading this—sorry! I didn't mean to scare the crap out of you by yelling Hot Rod Power Tour out the window!

We arrived at registration on Friday afternoon and even that was amazing. The variety of cars and stories of travel were awesome to see and hear. I've never been a huge fan of sitting at a car show; I would much rather be on the road driving, so to see so many people who shared my passion and craziness to be driving old classics long distance was a rush.

Saturday morning the official show started at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzalez, LA. I've been struggling with the best way to describe the experience of driving into the show and seeing thousands of hot rods everywhere you looked. The only thing I can come up with to even remotely give it justice is the song by Foreigner: Feels Like the First Time.

The show was packed with every make and model of car you can imagine. New and old, every car had that distinct rumble of a hot rod that made you snap your neck when the engine fired up. Not only were the cars amazing but the people were too. So many had stories to share of years before.

In a little bit, we hit the road with our fellow road warriors and head for the next destination in Baytown, Texas. I promise I will find a way to calm myself a bit and get you a few stories with some Mustang guys. Today it took everything I had to keep from bouncing around in excitement! And stay tuned for more live Facebook video today and later on Mustang Monthly’s Facebook page.

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