Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 5, 2016

Unless you’re living under a rock, the hit Discovery TV show Street Outlaws, where racers take their cars to the “streets” to challenge other racers to be on “the list”—the top 10 racers in the Oklahoma City area—has been the talk of the Internet for the last couple of seasons. Show regular Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton is one of the few Mustangs on the show that actually run Ford power. Chris is a fan favorite and loves getting out and meeting his fans, including big Mustang events, races, and even SEMA and the PRI trade shows.

Chris brought his New Edge Mustang Cobra, powered by a single turbo’d small-block putting out north of 1,500 horsepower to the NMRA Spring Break Shootout to not only make a few exhibition runs, but to partake in the NMRA’s first Grudge Night of the season at the end of Saturday’s regular class qualifying runs. During the day Saturday Chris welcomed fans in his pit area, signing posters, answering questions from fans, and taking photos with fans and his Mustang. If you didn’t get out here today stay close to for news on Chris’s next appearance!

Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton spent a good part of his day signing posters for his fans.
This just shows how big a hit Street Outlaws is. Just look at that line of fans!
Photos were taken with Chris and his yellow Cobra by just about every person in line. The man enjoyed every minute of it, that’s for sure!