Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
November 5, 2015

Dynacorn is known for complete, all-new, all-steel body shells for musclecars, with a heavy emphasis on Mustangs, and we thought they were the only game in town until we ran across these new bodies from PG Customs & Bodies International LLC ( based in Decatur, Texas. Like Dynacorn, the PG Customs bodies are made from stampings created overseas but assembled entirely in Texas. Company president Ron Hentschel was quick to point out that his bodies are assembled exactly like Ford did them back in the day, using the same spot-welding technique at the same points as the factory, which he claims makes them the most accurate reproductions on the market. They offer a standard body along with original GT specification bodies for ’65-’68, as well as a ’69-’70 Boss 302 spec body, GT350/GT500 spec bodies and plans for the Boss 429 and an all-metal Eleanor Body.

PG also has options depending on the customer’s needs, such as if you’re building a restomod or pro touring-style car, they can ship the body already set up with 2-inch minitubs and custom support for more power and torque, and an engine bay all ready for a Coyote engine. Hentschel also alluded to more possible modifications including flared fenders for wider wheels, which has us thinking nasty thoughts about a new project car.