Jerry Heasley
August 4, 2015

Lubbock, Texas, situated at the southern end of the High Plains, is known for several things: They grow a lot of cotton there; Summers are hot and windy; And that’s where rock ‘n’ roll legend Buddy Holly came from. Officially a part of the Wild Wild West, Lubbock is also home to the Lubbock Mustang Club, which has an annual car show where they round all their Mustangs and have a party. The club members are so friendly they invite every marque of car to their show, held every August.

2015 was the club’s 33rd annual show, officially called the “Lubbock Mustang Club 33rd Annual Mustang Roundup & Car Show.” Club President John Robison, who is also the Broadcast Meteorologist for KCBD News Channel 11, announced the show this year, including winning tickets for door prizes and names of car show winners at the end of the day. This year, the show brought in two judges from out of town to judge Mustangs in a variety of classes. The club shies away from popular vote judging because once, when a certain member of the club was in college, he promised his college buddies a keg of beer if they would show up and vote for his car, so he won the People’s Choice award.

The show takes place on the Lubbock campus of Wayland Baptist University, and one of the highlights this year was the appearance of the real life Peggy Sue, who had an iconiv song named after her by the aforementioned hometown hero Buddy Holly—“Peggy Sue,” of course, was one of Buddy Holly’s biggest hits. See the video here where Peggy Sue tells us how she met Buddy. And also take a gander at all the West Texas ponies that showed up from around the Lubbock area on Saturday August 1, 2015.

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