Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
March 8, 2015

We all love to watch a fast Mustang make a solid hit and go down track, but some Mustang owners just don’t want to chance that factory warranty by drag racing their new Mustangs. Others prefer to sit in the stands, enjoy the early spring warmth in the air, and take in the sights of six-second Outlaw cars and their massive burnouts. Still others get their kicks keeping their Ponys polished and proudly displaying them at a static show display. The NMRA staff welcome all enthusiasts at their events and offer a great all-Ford car show sponsored by UPR Products on the grounds as well. This is a great way to enjoy the weekend too. Bring your show ride, see some killer Ford head’s-up drag racing, and possibly bring home a nice car show trophy.

We took a walk through the show and were impressed by the quality and variety of cars on display. Not only did these owners get to enjoy a great car show and possibly win some awards and door prizes, but their car show entry allows them full access to the racing program too! From brand new S550 Mustangs to early four-eye Foxes, if you couldn’t find a car you wanted to take home and call your own this weekend you need to turn in your Ford card.

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