Henry De Los Santos
Mustang360 Network Content Director
March 6, 2015

The 16th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals in Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has come and gone, and what a wild ride it was!

The monster crowds, the nail-biting, round-by-round action for several championship chases, and the quick e.t.’s with big mph on the big end. If you weren’t there, you seriously missed out.

Each year, the NMRA World Finals brings out the best of the best, and this year was no different, and there’s a reason for that. Over the years, NMRA has fine-tuned its classes in order to achieve close heads-up racing action, and that’s what everyone wants—keep the rules balanced and the cars equal, and let them run out the back door with all they’ve got.

In ATF Street Outlaw, John Urist qualified Third with a stellar 6.954 at 200.65 mph run and never looked back for the remainder of the weekend. In the finals, Urist took an easy win over Andy Manson, who was unable to make the final round, giving Urist the win and 2014 championship.

Take for example the increasingly popular Strange Engineering Coyote Stock. With cars running within a tenth of one another and pulling big wheelies out of the gate, it’s no wonder it draws a big fan base. Add the insanely quick 6-second 200-mph Street Outlaw cars that are true door cars running on their choice of 275 drag radial or a 28x10.5 tire, and it’s a good time for both competitors and fans alike.

As much as we would like to get into each respective class, that’s a story for another day. Let’s just say that the Nitto Tire NMRA All-World Finals is the place you’ll want to be in 2015.

Bart Tobener (far lane) qualified at the top of the field in the Edelbrock Renegade class with a 8.101 at 168.37 mph. He then carried the momentum through an incredibly tight field and ended up taking the win with a 8.022 at 170.28 mph run and also took home the 2014 championship.
In ACT Pure Street action, Teddy Weaver already had the season championship in the bag but went on to take the event trophy with 9.65 at 138 mph over Jimmy Wilson’s 9.73 at 138 mph run.
Tremec True Street was off the hook and making history with 141 cars! Cal Haward was the star of the show, with Randy Seward taking runner-up with an 8.581 average. Notable mentions also go to Rob Batha for taking the 9-second category, David Bleigh for the 10-second category, Kevin Lesse for the 11-second category, and BJ Adams for the 12-second category.
Say hello to the king, Cal Hayward, the first man to produce a 7-second average in the Tremec True Street class with his twin-turbo-packing ’91 Mustang. Riding on 315 drag radials, Hayward completed the initial 30-mile cruise with ease and churned out an incredible 7.63 and backed it up with a 7.89 and 7.87 pass to seal the deal.
Last years Street Outlaw champion Phil Hines made big noise with a mind-blowing 6.87 at 202 mph run in qualifying, but he would eventually succumb to engine troubles when he lifted a cylinder head. Their crew made a valiant effort to fix it, but unfortunately they weren’t able to run it all out after that.
The NMRA World Finals is one event you don’t want to miss. Everyone is pushing the limits of their rides, the crowd is intense, and the manufacturers midway has something for everyone. See you all in 2015!

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2014 Class Champions
ATF Street Outlaw John Urist
Edelbrock Renegade Bart Tobener
DiabloSport Coyote Modified Frank Varela
ACT Pure Street Teddy Weaver
Strange Engineering Coyote Stock Shane Stymiest
Nitto Factory Stock Matt Amrine
Roush Performance Super Stang Kent Nine
Flex-a-lite Open Comp Bill Jones
Exedy Modular Muscle Susan Roush McClenaghan
Detroit Truck & Lightning Nina Gusler

Final Results
ATF Street Outlaw
Winner John Urist 23.856 at 49.41
Runner-up Andy Manson Foul
Edelbrock Renegade
Winner Bart Tobener 8.022 at 170.28
Runner-up Adam Arndt Foul
DiabloSport Coyote Modifed
Winner Frank Varela 8.304 at 163.95
Runner-up Joesph Cram 8.568 at 163.12
VMP GT500 vs. Terminator
Winner Frank Yee 8.213 at 171.53
Runner-up Brian Devilbiss 9.802 at 176.93
Henchman Racing Turbo Coyote Shootout
Winner Justin Burcham 8.277 at 160.16
Runner-up Alan Wooford 9.837 at 142.81
ACT Pure Street
Winner Teddy Weaver 9.652 at 138.20
Runner-up Jimmy Wilson 9.730 at 138.61
Strange Engineering Coyote Stock
Winner Steve Gifford 10.436 at 124.35
Runner-up Drew Lyons 10.439 at 127.19
Nitto Factory Stock
Winner James Meredith 10.789 at 121.81
Runner-up Justin Fogelsonger Foul
ROUSH Performance Super Stang
Winner Shannon Papier 13.15 13.410 at 97.91
Runner-up Kent Nine 10.92 10.907 at 125.27 (Foul)
Flex-a-lite Open Comp
Winner Gordon Harlow 10.13 10.169 at 131.34
Runner-up Wesley Dairymple 10.815 at 124.68
Exedy Modular Muscle
Winner Susan McClenaghan 9.48 9.551 at 129.94
Runner-up Jerry Fisher 11.65 11.833 at 109.48
Detroit Truck & Lightning
Winner Johnny Lightning 8.76 9.526 at 153.68
Runner-up Fred Wade 10.24 12.705 at 78.26 (Foul)

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