Brad Worley
April 17, 2014
Contributers: Mustang Week Staff Photos By: Steve Turner

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The ability for something to last many years in an ever-changing economy is impressive. The Ford Mustang has done just that. For 50 years the Mustang has stood the test of time, holding its own as technology advanced further than could have possibly been imagined back in April of 1964. The Mustang’s ability to capture the spirit of this great nation for half a century is truly inspiring. Mustang owners like nothing more than to get out onto the open road and drive these cars the way they were intended to be driven. Mention a road trip to a Mustang owner and you will see the excitement in their eyes.

Every year, in July, Mustang owners have the opportunity to take the road trip of a lifetime to the country’s premier celebration of the cars we love. Mustang Week, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers the Mustang and SVT owner the chance to take part in an action-packed week of events centered around the iconic Ford Mustang!

Rolling into our 13th year, the Mustang Week staff is excited as we prepare and schedule another week of fun and excitement during the Mustang’s 50th year. The four Mustang Week staff members had no idea back in 2002 that our week-long event would grow into the largest yearly celebration of the Mustang and SVT vehicles. We are often asked just what has made Mustang Week succeed. Many tell us that the success of Mustang Week is due to the fact that we have stuck to a schedule that allows participants time to enjoy their vacation at Myrtle Beach and still have time to attend each day’s scheduled events. Others have said that the different venue locations and daily events each offer a unique feel. Venues are accessible, while allowing sponsors to showcase their products and services to the Mustang community. We are humbled and appreciative of all the support Mustang Week garners each year from both participants and sponsors.

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To put it simply, Mustang Week is more than an ordinary car show. It has been best described as a journey or an adventure.

Those who make the yearly trek to Myrtle Beach understand there is no feeling like when you first pull out of your driveway marking the beginning of the week-long event. It is the excitement you feel when you cross the South Carolina state line or first see the Atlantic ocean upon arrival. But for you newcomers, nothing can prepare you for the wave of emotion the first time you see and hear a group of Mustang Week participants pass you on Myrtle Beach’s streets! Everyone waves their hands and you hear and feel that familiar exhaust rumble. No other event brings you this exciting experience for an entire week!

For you regulars, the excitement is already building as you prepare for that yearly crusade to the Grand Strand! While you are there, you realize that each day’s event is like an old friend, each with a unique feeling and attitude. As the week draws to an end, a wave of emotion comes over you and leaves you wishing it would not end.

For those Mustang Week first-timers out there, you have good reason to be excited. But don’t wait till the last minute to plan and prepare! Make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. Many of last year’s participants probably made their reservations the day we announced the 2014 dates to ensure they got a room at their favorite place. Now is also the time to begin any work you want to complete on your Mustang or SVT to get it ready for the streets of Myrtle Beach!

Folks all over the country are making their plans and getting their cars ready for the 13th Annual Mustang Week. The only question left to ask is… are you ready?