Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
April 28, 2014

Horse Sense

Mark your calendars. This year's PRI Show will be held December 11-13, 2014, at the Indianapolis Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Started in 1988, the Performance Racing Industry show debuted in Louisville, Kentucky, as an antidote to the SEMA show, transitioning the Sin its initials from Speed to Specialty. Though SEMA is now the owner of PRI, the show's mission remains—to cater to the hardcore racing market. With that in mind, the show recently fused with the rival show that has since popped up in Indy while PRI was enjoying its warm vacation in sunny Florida. In 2013, PRI returned to the center of racing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Now, as you know, PRI had been held in Orlando, Florida, for several years. That was conveniently just up the road from 5.0&SF's Tampa, Florida, headquarters. As much as we loved taking a short, sunny drive over to the show, we weren't about to stay home when it moved north. We are always on the prowl for the latest Mustang hardware. So we hopped on a plane and braved the 1-degree weather to share our findings with you. Read on to see what we uncovered in the snow.

A special treat at the ’13 PRI show was a public showing of the ’15 Mustang. The car had only recently been revealed in cities across the world, and Ford Racing was able to present a show ’Stang to the racing public. The King, Richard Petty, was on hand to reveal the car, which drew a large crowd on the show floor.


Expanding on its popular line of Stealth Fuel pumps, Aeromotive introduced the new Stealth 320 pump with fitments for a variety of new vehicles, including the '05-'10 Mustang GTs. Smaller than the popular Stealth 340, this compact direct-replacement unit is designed to crank out 320 liters per hour and support over 850 horsepower.


Having serviced Fords from pushrod small-blocks to modulars with its various timing chain upgrades, Cloyes has moved in the Coyote/RoadRunner world with is Cobra Jet Hex-A-Just Kit (PN 9-3179A). The kit includes billet crankshaft and camshaft sprockets, along with adjustable secondary sprockets and fine-finish chains all around. Not only do these systems promise improved durability over the factory parts, but they offer far more adjustability to dial in the cam timing on race engines.

Ford Racing Performance Parts

With all the excitement about the '15 Mustang, and racers revving up for Coyote racing classes with the NMRA, it's nice to see that Ford Racing is still in the pushrod small-block business. Sure this is a sealed crate engine for circle track racing, but the D347SR is still a 415-horsepower 347 engine. Based on the solid Boss block and filled with Scat internals, the D347SR is topped by FRPP Z heads and cammed with the raucous F303. On the more modern front, FRPP is also offering '14 Cobra Jet-spec engines in complete form.


We noticed something familiar in the Dana-Spicer booth. It was a Mustang driveshaft for the S197 set. Available in 3.5- and 4-inch diameters, these are one-piece, lightweight units. Designed for improved durability and better performance, Dana says the 4-inch version allows for higher rpm and both versions bolt right in with no adapters necessary.

Davies Craig

This in-line electric water pump from Davies Craig grabbed our attention because it looks like a little centrifugal supercharger. When paired with the company's controller for both electric water pump and fan it is said to offer improved cooling, increased horsepower, and even better mileage. While these pumps are largely universal, there is a kit available for pushrod 5.0s and one in development for Coyotes. They look like a great option for the packaging challenges presented by engine-swap cars.

Driven Racing Oil

We Mustang fans love products made just for our cars. Oil is not something that you typically assume is car-specific, but the oil experts at Driven beg to differ. They have created FR50 5W50 oil just for the Coyote engine. The company says it low-volatility, full-synthetic formula resists foaming and vaporization while facilitating consistent cam phaser performance.

E3 Spark Plugs

Heretofore, E3 Spark Plugs has marketed its spark plugs with their DiamondFire electrode to the street market, promising better performance, better fuel economy, and even reduced emissions. At PRI, the company announced it had developed a version of its patented electrode that is revised for the rigors of racing engines. We also learned that a racing plug aimed at the Coyote engine is in the development pipeline.

Energy Suspension

We know that Energy Suspension has performance bushings for Mustangs covered, but if your tow rig needs less bushing flex, Energy has a new kit for '05-'07 F-250 trucks. Available in red and black, these kits include front sway bar bushings, rear sway bar bushings; front bump stops, rear bump stops, rear leaf-spring bushings, front track-bar bushings, front coilspring isolators, and crew-cab body-mount bushings.


The 6R80 six-speed automatic transmission in the '11-and-up Mustangs has been a performance wonder. Even in stock form it has delivered impressive performance, but as racers have pushed the envelope, there is a need for more durable internal bits for them. Known for its manual-trans clutches, Exedy is also a prime support of the 6R80 auto with Stage 1 and Stage 2 Performance Kits. The first kit is designed for street cars up to 600 horsepower and running as quick as 9.90 e.t.'s. The Stage 2 kit allows the factory six-speed auto to support over 1,000 horsepower and e.t.'s as low as 8.7 seconds.


Putting the spark in its namesake S, FAST expanded its impressive product line with a new selection of capacitive-discharge ignition systems. If they look familiar, these CD boxes, coils, crank triggers, plug wires, and distributors were originally brought to market by Crane and recently acquired by FAST to round out its offerings.