Sharad Raldiris
February 19, 2014
Photos By: Courtesy Of The NMRA

Horse Sense: ProMedia, which operates the NMRA and NMCA Racing Series, recently rolled out its ProPledge plan. "ProPledge is a dynamic customer service initiative designed to improve the participant, fan, and sponsor experience at all ProMedia-produced motorsport events. Recognizing the critical importance of a positive experience for all customers, ProMedia is reinforcing constant, high-quality customer service at all levels. More than just a catchy name, ProPledge will be integrated into the fabric of the company, improving upon the already strong reputation of NMRA, NMCA, NMCA WEST, and LSX events. ProPledge will also include increased racer appreciation events, safety programs, and additional support." We are happy to report that the initial response to this initiative from the racers and fans has been overwhelmingly positive.

This year marks the 16th season of the National Mustang Racers Association! Time flies, but there's no time like this season to get out there and participate or spectate. There are six action-packed events scheduled this year, including one Super Bowl event, which pits the NMRA's All-Ford racers against the National Muscle Car Association and its Brand X racers. In addition to the hottest Ford drag racing in the country, every NMRA event features the UPR Products All-Ford Show & Shine, and a Manufacturers' Midway full of the latest and greatest performance parts.

With the introduction of Coyote Modified and the return of Pure Street, the NMRA now has 6-, 7-, and 8-second Power Adder classes and 9-, 10-, and 11- second naturally aspirated classes. As always, this impressive group of heads-up classes will be accompanied by the highly competitive Open Comp, Index, and Bracket racing classes. Furthermore, there are a whole slew of specialty classes tossed in throughout the season, including the annual SVT Shootout in Maryland and the annual Terminator/GT500 shootout in Kentucky, not to mention our season-ending King of the Street competition. Burnout contests, jet cars, and other exhibition passes are also fan favorites.

While the spectators take in the thrilling show, the racers focus on the rush of each pass, along with thoughts about the championship points chase. At the end of the season, racers will attend the NMRA Awards Ceremony at the Performance Racing Industry tradeshow in Indianapolis, and the top-10 finishers in each class will earn a prestigious NMRA Jacket. Additionally, the champion of each class earns the highly coveted Nitto Tire Diamond Tree ring!

Street Outlaw

If there was any question, we are here to tell you that Street Outlaw is the NMRA's premier class. By adopting popular 275 class rules last season, Street Outlaw attracts high-end small-tire racers from all over the country. Furthermore, ProMedia utilizes the same rules across all three of its series, NMRA, NMCA, and NMCA West, so Street Outlaw racers are competing for a true national record.

Participants may choose between 28x10.5-inch slicks or 275/60-15 Drag Radials, and those with blowers or turbos must run small-blocks. Big-blocks are legal for nitrous assisted and naturally aspirated combos. Racers launch on a 0.400 Pro Tree. In 2013, Phil Hines' ProCharged 'Stang topped the field, but John Urist was hot on Phil's heels with his Hellion-turbocharged combo.

Although Filthy Phil's 7.128 elapsed time set the pace last season, several Street Outlaw racers have broken into the 6-second zone in testing. Keep an eye on Sean Ashe, as his sinister ProCharged notchback has been on a rampage during the off-season. With such a competitive field of racers, there's no telling who will come up with the win at each event. The only guarantee we'll make is that records will fall, and the NMRA's Street Outlaw racers will continue to push the envelope of small-tire racing.

2013 Class Record
ET: Phil Hines, 7.128 seconds
MPH: Phil Hines, 202.21 mph
2013 Winner: Phil Hines
2013 R/U: John Urist

Coyote Modified

New for 2014 is Coyote Modified, and we couldn't be more excited about this great class. In fact, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine has signed on as the presenting sponsor!

When asked about the class, Editor Turner explained: "In the late '80s, the excitement of watching wildly modified 5.0 Mustangs race is what propagated the Mustang aftermarket to the robust level it operates at today. With any luck, the NMRA's battle of modern 5.0 Mustangs in Coyote Modified will accelerate the rapid development of Mustang speed parts far into the future."

That concept certainly appears to be what the NMRA had in mind. It intentionally kept the restrictions at a minimum in order to foster innovation within the Coyote platform.

Drivetrain rules are practically wide open and chassis rules are the typical bolt-in, stock-style suspension fare. The spec tire is a bias-ply slick, not larger than 28x10.6 inches, and the only significant performance limiting factor is power-adder size. Racers will leave on a 0.400 Pro Tree.

As it stands, permitted centrifugal superchargers include the ProCharger F-1D, Paxton Novi 1500, and Vortech Ti-Trim. Positive-displacement blowers are limited to Eaton's 2.3-liter TVS internals in blowers—from the likes of Edelbrock, Magnuson, Roush, and VMP Superchargers—or twin-screw blowers up to 2.9 liters, including Whipple or Kenne Bell. Turbochargers are limited to 68mm inducers and T4 housings, and nitrous entries can run any two kits.

With hopes of encouraging development within the Coyote aftermarket, centrifugals and turbos are limited primarily by their inducer sizes, so there is room for the manufacturers to experiment within the rules to gain a performance advantage. Minimum weights are used to create parity, with twin-screws at 3,650 pounds, TVS, centrifugals, and turbos at 3,250 pounds, and nitrous at 2,900 pounds.

This amount of flexibility within the rules is sure to attract a wide range of combinations, which will promote competition and foster innovation. These breakthroughs will then trickle down to the street cars, and everybody wins!