Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 24, 2014

Horse Sense: For any dedicated Fox Mustang fan, Foxtoberfest is definitely worth checking out. If you want to attend, next year's show is slated for October 18, 2014, so mark your calendars.

We get around to a lot of events throughout the course of a year. Typically we try to hit the biggest events so we can get a look at the widest swath of Mustangs that our readers might enjoy. From there we can pick out the best cars from each post-'79 era that we cover.

That said, you know that we have a soft spot for the cars that put this magazine on the map—the Foxes. Sure we love the newer stuff too, but it's always fun to check out these vintage cars and time travel back to the days when simply owning a Mustang would have been the pinnacle. If you love cars, it's hard to forget the rides that sparked that fire.

So, when Fox Mustang Restoration's ( Matt Highley dropped us a line and asked us to come up to his annual Foxtoberfest car show, we were intrigued. It is the only all Fox show that we know of, outside of the Fox cruise at Mustang Week. When he said the show was growing every year and he hoped to crack 200 Foxes, we started looking at flights.

As it turned out, the weather kept Foxtoberfest from besting that landmark number, but it was a really strong crowd of over 170 Foxes of all shapes and colors. The show is unique in that FMR encourages attendees to bring Foxes in any condition, from showstopper to project. It was refreshing pouring over less-than-perfect Foxes, seeing the potential and pitfalls.

Even cooler was the absolute passion shown by the people attending the show. Your scribe chatted with several people throughout the day and by the end of the show we were ready to turn in our Fox Melvin cards. These people are serious about Foxes.

Lately we’ve explored the concept of a rough looking Fox that runs strong with Cheaper Sleeper and Project Pretty Ugly. Harry Jarvis III is taking that concept to the next level with his ’87 Mustang GT with T-tops. Harry’s ride lacked many interior comforts, including carpet, and it wears what he calls “custom paint.” Harry is an enthusiastic Fox fan and has big plans for the GT. Those plans got a jump start when he won an ACC carpet kit at the show.

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Sure we love the newer stuff too, but it's always fun to check out these vintage cars...
Rocking a fusion of SVT and Saleen themes, John Nall’s GT features a bolt-on 5.0 with an Edelbrock Performer RPM 2 intake. It’s inside where the custom touches reign supreme. John relocated his HVAC controls to the bottom of the center stack and installed a double DIN Kenwood in the top slot with a custom plate. In the hatch a false floor hides a custom audio system kicking out the jams through three subwoofers.

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While all the cars and expanse of collectibles in Daniel’s collection are impressive, your author was most drawn to this pristine ’89 SSP Mustang coupe. With a serendipitous 347 miles on the clock, this coupe is an example of a Mustang that’s almost impossible to find—an unmolested 5.0 LX coupe.