Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 12, 2014

Horse Sense: The 2013 AmericanMuscle.com car show’s charity of choice was Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The charity’s mission is to “raise money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, primarily research into new treatments and cures. To encourage and empower others, especially children, to get involved and make a difference for children with cancer.” The show was able to raise $20,522.45 for the foundation.

Before the sun sets on summer, one of the last big shows of the season is American Muscle.com’s car show, which is held to the benefit of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand charity. Over the last couple of years, American Muscle has taken over the quiet campus of Delaware County Community College in Media, Pennsylvania, in August to show its customers appreciation for, well, being customers. Judging by the robust attendance, the customers enjoy buying from the Mustang parts giant.

At the 2013 edition, the DCCC campus was brimming over with Mustangs, over 1,400 strong according to American Muscle. Beyond the show grounds, even the parking lot is a Mustang show. Those that aren’t able to get into the actual show still drive their Mustangs to the show.

Another beauty of the show is its location. Because it draws from New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and the like, the turnout is impressive and varied.

While at the show, attendees can talk to a large number of manufacturers. This gives Mustang enthusiasts a chance to touch and hold products they hope to buy from American Muscle for their own Mustang.

Besides the show and midway, two special guests graced the 2013 show, Chip Foose and Vaughn Gittin Jr. Show attendees clamored for autographs from each. Both Chip and Vaughn also chose awards for their favorite Mustangs at the show.

You and your Mustang need to be at this show in 2014. We will definitely see you there. If you weren’t there in 2013, here’s what you missed.

When people start buying shirts just like yours, that pretty much means you’re kind of a big deal. Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a global superstar in the world of drifting, and multiple championships spell out the fact that he’s more than a cool dude with a cool T-shirt. Vaughn is of course, sponsored by Ford and rocks a rowdy Mustang in the import-heavy sport of drifting. Vaughn is also sponsored by Monster, Nitto Tire, K&N Filters, and of course, his own Ready to Rock brand, among others. Under the RTR name, Vaughn gives Mustangs the edge, and you can order your own at www.mustangrtr.com.

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If you’ve ever wanted to see American Muscle’s own project cars in person, the show presents you that opportunity. The company displays all its project cars at the show so attendees can see them up close to check out their status and all the latest modifications. Everything from a Fox Mustang to the latest Mustangs are represented in the impressive American Muscle lineup.

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We found this cherry Fox hatch in the Pypes Performance exhaust area, and we wanted to drive the car back home to Florida. It looks like it would make the trip with ease, and since it was in Pypes booth, we trust it sounds the part of an angry ’Stang.
Dave and Kim Warner from Malvern, Pennsylvania, are understandably proud of their ’93 LX convertible. They’ve done a ton of work to the car to bring it the level you see. The ’vert has a Kenne Bell supercharger with a rare Chicane Sport Tuning (RIP Joe) air intake, Cobra R wheels, Ford Racing gauges, an Auto Meter gauge pod, and a lot more. 5.0