1403 Fox Body Ford Mustang Flying
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
March 4, 2014

On the drag strip, anything can happen with high horsepower machines and heavy competition. David Measell was in the cockpit of this Fox-body Mustang at Georgia Motorsports Park (at Lights Out V Paid in Full) when the track doubled as an air strip sending his Mustang flying 100 feet down the track on just its rear bumper. Qualifying for the Outlaw Drag Radial just turned a bit more intense.

Excitedly announcing the “flying car,” the announcer certainly got a kick out of the soaring Mustang. When 1320video caught up to Measell, he admits to just buying the Mustang this past week and a few test runs have been made where it normally dominates the 1/8th mile in the 4.40 second range. A few tweaks and running that much power and incredible traction, the car bucked up and started soaring almost making its way over the track wall.

With a displacement of 706ci and the addition of nitrous, this crazy Ford Mustang produces over 2,000 horsepower – more than enough to knock your socks off. Measell talks about racing Pro-Mods back home with this being his first experience in a regular race car. His quote of the night – “I like my wheelie bars.”