1401 Ford Racing Mountune North America
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
January 14, 2014

With much success in the United Kingdom with Ford Focus and Fiesta performance parts, the plan is for Ford Racing and mountune to collaborate and offer the same thing to the North American market.

This will allow European parts and upgrades from mountune to be distributed here in North America to Ford Racing distributors. This also means that co-developed products will be available exclusively for the North American fan base.

“Mountune’s performance expertise is well known in the European market,” said George Goddu, Ford Racing business manager. “With the advent of global vehicle platforms, it makes perfect sense to work with mountune in North America, just as Ford does in the U.K.

“This is an example of One Ford bringing our enthusiast customers the best performance parts from Europe and the United States,” he added.

President of mountune USA, Ken Anderson said, “By working together, we can deliver the highest quality products in less time. The Ford Racing dealer network gives us the benefit of top-notch marketing and customer support.”

The product line from Ford Racing/mountune will consist of power enhancement and chassis components, which will soon be available to all Ford Racing distributors. Select parts will be covered by a Ford Racing vehicle warranty when installed by a dealer, and this new product line will be supported by the industry-leading Ford Racing technical hotline.

These Ford Racing/mountune performance parts should become available to enthusiasts by the first quarter of 2014.

For news and info visit www.fordracingparts.com and www.mountuneusa.com.