Donald Farr
Former Editor, Mustang Monthly
January 28, 2014

So maybe it wasn’t perfect. Maybe Disney wasn’t ready for the nearly 600 Mustangs and their owners who invaded Walt Disney World Speedway near Orlando over Labor Day weekend. And maybe it was hot (okay, it was definitely hot but at least there were no hurricanes). And maybe getting around the host Coronado Springs hotel was a little tricky seeing how there was another big automotive event happening at the same time.

The kind folks at UPR Products were kind enough to allow us access to their trailer’s roof to grab overhead shots of the Mustangs at the Mickyard show. This is only a partial view of the 568 Mustangs that packed the Walt Disney World Speedway infield.

But in the end, it was another great Mustang Club of America Grand National show at another great location. In the recent tradition of staging national shows at destination sites, Mustangs at the Mickyard combined hundreds of great Mustangs with the amenities and attractions offered by Disney. As part of their car entry, owners received “after 4:00” tickets to the Disney parks, including Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. However, local MCA region hosts Mid-Florida Mustang Club and Imperial Mustangs of Polk County also kept participants busy with a Friday evening barbeque, Saturday evening Fireworks and Dessert Party at Epcot, and a Sunday afternoon awards banquet at the hotel where show winners received a unique “Mickey” award.

Although the Coronado Springs resort was so large and sprawling that it was difficult to mingle after-hours with other Mustang enthusiasts, the facility provided everything needed for a Mustang vacation get-away, including restaurants, beach bars, shops, and swimming pools. For families especially, it was the ideal Mustang show destination.

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