Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
September 18, 2003

What do you do with a class racer who proves too quick for the intended class? In the case of Locust Grove, Georgia's Aaron Archer, you keep the hammer down and start looking for alternatives. You see, Aaron isn't about to dial down the tune on his newly constructed mod-motored beauty. In fact, he's adamant about running the car to its full potential--an 8.63 at 145 mph as of early spring 2003.

Back in the modular Mustang's birth year of 1996, who would've thought it possible to run mid eights with an engine such as this? No, it's not possible with factory parts and just 4.6 liters of displacement, said the skeptics. Of course, many a modular pioneer, including Aaron, have proven us wrong.

That the car runs considerably quicker than the 9.10 NMRA limit for its Modular Muscle class is a badge of honor of sorts, and Aaron simply runs where he can. Obviously, that means an excused absence at NMRA events but a full schedule of Fun Ford Weekend races where the rule book is wide open in terms of modular e.t.'s.

Aaron's been a solid player in the increasingly popular modular motor classes for several years now, although until 2003 his ride was relatively mainstream. His former '97 Cobra convertible didn't have weight or rigidity in its favor, but then, as with so many street cars turned racers, it wasn't originally purchased to assault the 1,320. No matter--Aaron found the perfect race shop in Mike Johnson's (not our associate editor) No Limit Race Cars, where the droptop snake was eventually built to run as fast as 9.60 at 143 mph.

Of course, ultimate elapsed time isn't the dominating force in handicapped modular classes. Aaron has also demonstrated the driving skill to wind up on top of the elimination heap on numerous occasions. Feathers in his helmet include winning the Epping FFW event in 2000, the Modular Shootout for Four-Valve power adders in 2001, and the Richmond and Bristol FFW events in 2002.

It was after the Bristol win that Aaron decided to step up to a purpose-built race car, and he knew No Limit would be the place to build it. Mike started from scratch with a body in white and completely assembled the impressive racer save for engine machining and paint. The latter gives this '03 Cobra-trimmed Mustang a virtual show-car appearance, with the House of Kolors pearl hues being laid down by Daniel at Excentric Customs in McDonough, Georgia. Of course, in this case, we know beauty is more than skin deep.