August 29, 2003

There have been countless arguments on who has the most brutal street-driven Mustang in the land. From those arguments was born the 5.0&SF King of the Street, a competition designed to find the baddest street Mustang in America. We first threw off the gloves just prior to the NMRA World Finals last September, but this time around it's going to be held in conjunction with the Bristol Bash in Bristol, Tennessee, October 18-19. We had 5 cars to judge last year, a number that was obviously hampered by bad weather the weekend of the competition. However, we're looking forward to nice weather this year, and a slew of new cars to judge as King of the Street.

Ideal KOTS contestants should boast huge performance numbers (450 or more horsepower at the wheels) along with everyday driveability so if you have a dedicated racecar or a bolt-on car you might not get an invite. If you're invited, we'll put your ride on the chassis dyno to verify its performance pedigree, then we'll take it for a ride through to Bristol countryside to see how its street manners stack up to the other contestants. Each car will be featured in an upcoming 5.0&SF article, and the winner will be featured on the cover, weather permitting.

If you think your Mustang has what it takes, send us your car's description and photos by September 2nd and we'll let you know by September 15th so you can make travel arrangements. Send resumes to or to 5.0 Mustang and Super Fords, King of the Street, 3816 Industry Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33811.