Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
November 13, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

The 2013 SEMA Show turned out to be an incredible display of aftermarket enthusiasts, as the aisles were as packed as ever and so were the booths! We brought you our top Ford Mustangs from the SEMA floor, but what about the many Mustangs scattered all over the showroom floor and sitting outside of the convention center? With the enormity of the show, it was hard to explore every nook and cranny.

Mustangs of all makes and models, colors and powerplants, graced the SEMA floor where there seemed to be one at every turn. Named the Hottest Car of the Year, it was no surprise that the Mustang presence was overpowering. Whether modern or old-school, the Mustangs definitely ruled this year’s SEMA Show.

Even Vaughn Gittin Jr. was shredding tires out front and making clouds in his 2013 Monster Energy/Falken Tire Mustang RTR. Ford seemed to have the upper hand with Raptor rides and Ken Block and Brian Deegan driving their respective Fiestas for a few stunts in front of the crowd.

Here are a few photos of some of the Ford Mustangs we were able to capture throughout the show. Check out the photo gallery of Stangs that were lucky enough to be ogled over by thousands of onlookers at this year’s show.

Photo Gallery

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