1311 Ford Mustang Ring Brothers
Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
November 14, 2013
Photos By: Scott Parker

Mike and Jim Ring – also known as the Ring Brothers – are well-known on the SEMA floor for their incredible builds. Despite having three different cars to unveil on the show floor, the Ring Brothers still had time to sit down with Kevin Tetz from Eastwood’s “Shop Talk” podcast to share a few words with us fellow gearheads.

The Ring Brothers were busier than ever for this year’s SEMA show with three different cars unveiled on the busier-than-ever showroom floor – a ’71 De Tomaso Pantera, ’65 Ford Mustang “Blizzard,” and a full carbon-fiber 1965-1966 wide-body Mustang fastback.

If you’re interested in the builds that these two are known for, tune into the podcast to hear what these guys had to say. It’s amazing to hear how humble these brothers are considering that they are on top of the heap when it comes to top notch SEMA builders. Folks just can’t wait to see what creations these guys will come out with next.

Listen to this interesting “Shop Talk” podcast as the brothers discuss builds, having the right tools for projects, and their favorite past times, among other things straight off of the SEMA floor.

If you attended the show, you may have noticed that the Ring Brother’s “Afterburner” 1964 Ford Fairlane was sitting pretty inside of the Barrett-Jackson booth. This wasn’t the Fairlane’s first SEMA show and it will be hitting up the Barrett-Jackson auction block this coming January, so stay tuned! Click here to listen to the podcast!