Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 1, 2013

Grabber Six

Michelle Bednarz keeps her '09 Grabber Orange V-6 in the best condition possible, which is a huge task since the car serves as her daily car. It's also her show car, so she is plenty busy. The car's a Premium Package 45th Anniversary V-6 coupe, and features Ford Racing Performance Parts lowering springs and GT/CS 18-inch wheels. “Otherwise, the car is stock except for lots of bling,” Michelle says. That bling includes chrome accents throughout the interior; custom airbrushed battery and master cylinder covers; a Grabber Orange plenum cover; custom trunk enclosures; and chrome accents on the side mirrors, door handles, quarter-windows, and gas door. Of the 49,000 miles on the car at press time, Michelle figures 40,000 of those are road-trip miles to and from her hometown of Itasca, Illinois.

Premium Pony

Leander, Texas' Rich Hovan is the proud owner of this '12 Mustang GT boasting a Premium Pony red leather interior with a Mach 1000 audio system and Boss 302 dash cluster. The outside was treated to a Laguna Seca front splitter with additional driving lights and FRPP wheels. The GT's handling is upgraded thanks to Laguna Seca sway bars, struts, and shocks. However, magic was performed under the hood, too, with ported heads, FRPP valvetrain pieces, a BBK Performance 90mm throttle body, and a BBK cold air intake. We won't give away all of Rich's secrets, but BBK also supplied the GT's headers, which feed into a full FRPP exhaust. Pro-Modular Performance of Austin, Texas, tuned the car using SCT software.

Original 'Vert

Residing in the Sunshine State makes owning a Mustang convertible a natural choice. Palm Coast, Florida's John Carver owns this '90 GT convertible with 109,000 miles on it. We don't see too many Fox 'verts with nice tops. Although it's not shown here, John says the factory white top is in excellent condition. The droptop features an AOD transmission, 3.73 gears, an Explorer intake, a FRPP E303 cam, an MSD ignition, BBK Performance long-tube headers, and a Flowmaster after-cat exhaust. John also tells us the GT's paint is original “and it looks awesome,” as he puts it.