Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
August 9, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Sadly, Mustang Week has come to an end this year as hundreds of Mustangs scattered back to where they came from after an entire week of beach fun and Mustang-related activities. The first day of Mustang Week was dedicated to Autocross school at the Myrtle Beach Speedway. This awesome experience was put on by BFGoodrich Tires for a fee of $40 per driver/car. Those who signed up were able to experience autocross by driving the course with a highly-experienced professional riding shotgun.

Skip Barber Racing School instructor Terry Earwood stocked a staff full of professional, highly experienced drivers to help develop a set of skills in the drivers that would allow them to become competent drivers and feel like a seasoned pro when they left the event. Some of these skills included: how to analyze a new course; apply effective trail braking techniques; how to understand where to go fast and where to go slow; and how to use your tires more effectively and efficiently. This was covered in a brief classroom session followed by a track walk, followed by seat time.

Speaking of time, autocross is judged on time. Sensors are set up from start to finish with the timer starting as soon as your car crosses the starter beam and the time stops as soon as you cross the finish line. It sounds easy, but it is a test of time and driver talent. Every cone you hit penalizes your score by adding seconds to your overall time.

No spectators were allowed during the event, but we stared danger in the face to bring you a gallery of photos to check out!

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