Kristian Grimsland
Associate Editor, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords
September 20, 2013
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Round two kicked off with Seward running past Leveille, and Hayward outing Alex Correla of Miami, Florida and his '93 turbo- powered Fox-body. Jovanis took on Greiner, and came out on top, lighting up the score boards with a 8.599 to Greiner's 10.810. Finishing up the second round were Boda and his nitrous breathing Fox. Boda went to battle with Reyes, swinging in with a 10.310, but was no match to Reyes 9.716 blaring pass.

Seward, Hayward, Jovanis, and Reyes were all breathing fire as they entered the semi-final round. Seward made his way to the staging lanes, but Hayward didn't follow. We were told, due to a severe electrical issue, Hayward was forced to forfeit the round. Reyes' turned up the heat on Repeat Offender, upping the nitrous shot from a 175 to 250 in the third round, however, he blew the tires off the line leaving him with a 9.990 pass, in contrast to Jovanis 9.157.

"I made some little adjustments to the suspension," Jovanis told us. "I just really wanted to soften up the launch before the final round."

The SBS went out with a bang. Seward had proved all weekend that he wasn't going without a fight. Jovanis had a 0.134 reaction time, in contrast to Seward's also tardy 0.139. Both racers hurled forward, with Seward barely ahead, and Jovanis right at his door handle. Watching the scoreboards, Seward's lane lit up with a victorious 8.501 and Jovanis' with a competitive 8.546. It was a nail-biter to the end. Amazingly, Seward has multiple TS wins, and swept both marquee events, earning his first ever SBS title this year.

"The whole race Jonvanis was hidden, I could not see him in my peripherals," Seward told us. "But at the end of the race I could see him right at my window. When I crossed the finished line, it was the most excited I've been in awhile."

The NMRA's 19th annual Nitto Spring Break Shootout was a huge success and was an exciting show on all levels. Each year we strive to see racers compete head to head, hoping to see a final race like we did this year. There's no doubt we weren't short on entertainment and we hope to continue so throughout the rest of the NMRA season. See you soon.

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Stick-Shift Shootout

This year marked the first-ever MM&FF Stick-Shift Shootout presented by Tremec Transmissions. What made this event so special? The two quickest stick-shift racers from Saturday's TS competition went head to head in a best-of-three match race to compete for a brand-new Tremec T56 Magnum transmission.

Jeff Smith of Orlando and his street-driven, TVS-blown '04 Cobra made three mid-to-low 11-second passes in TS and averaged a 11.342, enough to grant him a spot in the Stick-Shift Shootout. TJ Fox from Palmetto, Florida, ran TS in his '92 nitrous-breathing Fox-body. Averaging a 11.478 after all three passes, Fox would line up with Smith on Sunday.

When asked how he felt going into Sunday's race, Smith told us, "When I saw TJ's car, I thought I was in trouble. It's a lightweight Fox with nitrous, a rollbar, and 28-inch-tall ET Street tires. Mine is just a street car I drove to the race."

Smith came well-equipped in the first round ripping off an 11.019. Competitor Fox swapped a new clutch Saturday night into his Fox-body and struggled in the first round, limping across the finish line with a 14.428.

Things heated up in the second round with Fox making a heroic effort to win with an 11.154, but it just wasn't enough to top Jeff's 10.920. Congratulations, Jeff!