Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 8, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Coyote Stock

When he initially got his Coyote Stock car to the track, Shane Stymiest’s Fox coupe had a C4 in the tunnel. However, so far that transmission choice is lacking a few tenths at the track so he swapped over to a stick just prior to the finals. Pre-race testing showed great promise, but it also showed potential durability issues. At Beech Bend, Shane was able to keep mechanical issues at bay and get past Jacob Lamb in Round 1 and then Justin Burcham in the final. We hope Coyote Stock grows for 2013—from what we’re hearing, it will.

Factory Stock

Though the Factory Stock class turned into the Carlos Sobrino/Matt Amrine show, Louis Sylvester showed at Beech Bend that we shouldn’t forget about him. Louis qualified in the top spot, and then took out the class’ heavy hitters John Leslie Jr., Carlos Sobrino, and then Matt Amrine in the final in one of the closest races with a 10.97 to a losing 10.99. Amazingly, both racers had identical reaction times.

Modular Muscle

Racing out of the JPC Racing camp, Joe Marini’s turbocharged S197 went rounds at Beech Bend thanks to a lot of luck combined with racing skill. In Modular Muscle, there are some great racers, but Joe was able to put together stellar reaction times with elapsed times right on his 10.43 index.

Open Comp

Open Comp Greg Cole brings a 9-second, big-block Fox into Open Comp to do battle with mostly small-block-powered competition. Of course, engine size matters little in Open Comp, it’s all about driver skill in the index-style class. At Beech Bend, Greg was the one able to put skill to the pavement and take the win.

Truck & Lightning

In racing, it's sometimes better to be lucky than good. Jim Roberts was a little of both at Beech Bend. Johnny Lightning put together wins, and he was well on his way to doing the same until Jim snatched the event win in the final. It appears Johnny ran into problems, while Jim created his own luck.

Super 'Stang

We had equated JD Coon's Shelby GT500 to a Bigfoot sighting it had been so long since we had seen it. The car had been in mechanical jail for a bit, but he had it back in racing form in time for the Beech Bend finals. And what a way to close out 2012 with a win. JD outlasted a tough Super 'Stang class to get the win over Silent Lloyd Mikeska's ‘06 GT in the final. JD's Shelby runs deep into the 9s now, and at Beech Bend he showed the car will run that number on a consistent basis.

Terminator/GT500 Shootout

Terminator/GT500 Shootout We love a good ol’ fashioned shootout any day of the week. We’ve started looking forward to the Terminator/GT500 shootout ever since the NMRA started it. This year Jacob Conant and his ‘03 Cobra showed the Terminators are still the SVTs to beat in this match-up. Jacob ran consistent 8.90s on his way to the win.