Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Robert Chavis’ 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Horsepower: 5 (808.80)
Ride & Drive: 8
Engineering: 6
Fit & Finish: 7
Drag Race: 4 (13.51)
Popular Vote: 9
Final Score: 65

North Carolina’s Fastlane Motor-sports is a veteran of King of the Street, so when the guys told us about Robert Chavis’ ’13 Shelby GT500, we were intrigued. We were hesitant at first because the car was pretty stock except for a supercharger upgrade, but what swayed us was the chance to see how the latest Shelby would stack up against more modified Mustangs with perhaps smaller engine combinations—and let the chips fall where they may.

We really didn’t know a whole lot about Robert’s GT500 before the competition. We really only knew it was a ’13 GT500 with a Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger. We didn’t know what color it was or anything, so when we showed up to the Beech Bend Amusement Park to meet everyone, we didn’t know Robert Chavis was right there with us from the outset.

I guess we thought Robert’s GT500 would look like every other ’13 GT500, but as you can see, that is definitely not the case. Robert decided to have his GT500 wrapped to show his Iroquois culture, specifically the Tuscarora and Meherrin nations. It’s safe to say we’ve never laid eyes on a Mustang with a wrap scheme like Robert’s, but that made his GT500 distinguishable from all the rest.

To hear Robert talk about his GT500 and his pride in his heritage, we should all be so proud of our ancestry. The wrap on Robert’s GT500 traced the evolution of his descendants through time, and listening him speak of it, you can clearly hear the passion in his voice.He put that same passion into his GT500. Even though he had only owned the GT500 for a short time, the performance and exterior upgrades illustrate his desire to have a an awesome Mustang.

Fortunately, Robert started with the baddest Mustang to come from Ford in ... well, ever. The ’13 Shelby GT500 is the top of the heap. With 662 hp from the factory, a top speed of 200 mph, and 11-second quarter-mile times as delivered, the ’13 GT500 is an incredible vehicle already. Robert and Fastlane Motorsports have taken the car to the next level by adding a Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger, a Snow Performance methanol kit, Steeda Autosports suspension goodies, and Vossen wheels. The engine enhancements added up to 808.80 hp on Holley Performance Products’ Dynojet.

To get 800 rwhp out of a Mustang with a simple supercharger and exhaust upgrade shows how far SVT has come with its engine development, and how far the aftermarket has come with product development. Remember when we were impressed when you could throw an aftermarket blower on a Terminator and get 500 rwhp?! We thought that was something! Today’s 800 rwhp is yesterday’s 500 rwhp.

When I sampled Robert’s GT500 on the Ride & Drive, it was pretty much what I expected, which was a ’13 GT500 with a couple extra hundred horsepower. The ’13 GT500 is an amazing vehicle. It’s long-legged, but with 800 hp at the wheels, it’s that much more enjoyable. With 3.73 gears out back in Robert’s GT500, its legs are a little shorter, but with a couple extra hundred horsepower, it doesn’t matter. Robert’s GT500 was fun to drive. My intial reaction was “It’s a blast to run the car through the gears.” Of course, 800 rwhp mixed with a six-speed is fun, that’s no secret, so it shouldn’t be a secret the car did well in the Ride & Drive category, scoring an 8. Since it made “just” 800 rwhp, it scored a 5 in the Horsepower category.

As for Editor Turner’s thoughts on Robert’s GT500, he was happy to see something different for a change. “I expected to see a stock GT500 and was pleasantly surprised to see that Robert Chavis really put a unique spin on his ’13 Shelby,” Editor Turner said. “The wrap might not be for everyone, but it is comprehensive and tells the story of his tribe. However, his decision to leave out the hood vents cost him some F&F points, as did the stock interior. The engine compartment was clean but the definition of a bolt-on combination,” summing up his Fit & Finish thoughts. For the car’s unique look, Editor Turner rewarded Robert’s GT500 with a 7 in Fit & Finish.

“On the engineering side of things, Robert’s car suffered from the bolt-on nature of his modifications, but the addition of the boost-actuated Snow system and the complete Steeda suspension lifted him a bit above average,” Editor Turner added. Simply put, from an engineering standpoint, his GT500 was largely a stock car, albeit a great starting point, but when other cars had built engines and transmissions, the bolt-on nature of Robert’s combo hurt. That’s not a knock against Robert, and especially not against Fastlane. It did an amazing job in a short time on a car that hadn’t totally been figured out from a tuning standpoint. We wonder what Robert’s GT500 would be like with a built engine, a larger blower, and perhaps some nitrous. Goodness gracious, can you imagine?! However, 800 rwhp is just about perfect for this author’s money. However, Editor Turner’s discerning tastes gave Robert’s GT500 a 6 in the Engineering category.

What also hampered Robert’s final score was his lack of time at the wheel of his GT500. A 13.51 at 120 mph spelled out a distinct lack of traction, which we knew was going to be an issue. Therefore, Robert brought up the rear with a 4 in the Drag Race category. However, he rebounded in the Popular Vote with a 9 in that category. It seemed the car’s wrap struck a chord with our Facebook poll voters, and it held the voting lead for quite awhile until Jon Lund’s GT took over late in the game.

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain

Trinity aluminum

Stock ’13 GT500

Stock ’13 GT500

Stock ’13 GT500

Stock ’13 GT500

Cylinder heads
Stock ’13 GT500

Intake manifold
Kenne Bell Mammoth w/ Kenne Bell twin 75mm throttle body

Power Adder
Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger w/ 22 pounds of boost and a Snow Performance Stage II methanol kit

Fuel system
Dual pumps w/ Fastlane Motorsports fuel rails and 72-lb/hr injectors

Kooks long-tubes w/ X-shape crossover pipe, and stock ’13 GT500 mufflers

Stock ’13 GT500 and a carbon-fiber driveshaft

Stock 8.8-in w/ stock Torsen differential, stock axles, 3.73 gears


Engine management

Stock computer w/ an SCT/Fastlane Motorsports tune


Stock, Snow Performance methanol heads-up indicator