Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Justin Cyrnek’s 2013 Ford Mustang GT

Horsepower: 8 (845.43)
Ride & Drive: 7
Engineering: 7
Fit & Finish: 8
Drag Race: 5 (12.54)
Popular Vote: 6
Final Score: 71

Coming into King of the Street, Justin Cyrnek and his Evolution Performance-built ’13 GT figured to be one of the cars to beat. Evolution has had a strong showing in the King of the Street, and Justin’s ’13 GT looked to continue that theme. It did, however, they likely hoped for a better weekend at the event. In the weeks prior to the King of the Street, the car competed in a Camaro-versus-Mustang event, winning it against a full-on race car with a 9.40 performance in the final. It also ran well at Adam Browne’s Revolution Automotive 5.0 shootout.

After enjoying that success at the track, the guys had to configure the GT back to King of the Street standards by swapping out the Weld big ’n’ littles with Mickey Thompson E/T Drag slicks to the pictured Savini 20-inch wheels with Nitto treads. The race seats also had to be replaced with Corbeau CR1 black suede seats in place of the stockers.

Once the car was streetified, the Evolution crew brought it from its Aston, Pennsylvania, headquarters to Beech Bend Raceway for the King of the Street. Right off the bat, the Gotta Have It Green smacks you in the face, but this is like getting smacked in the face by Marisa Miller. GHIG follows in the steps of other recent high-impact colors, and it makes the perfect canvas for a King of the Street car.

The color wins points from the get-go. Editor Turner showed he’s a fan of Justin’s GT. Steve thinks the nicer and newer the car is, the more difficult it is to stand out from the crowd of new cars. “Justin’s GHIG GT is about as new and striking as it gets. That sets the bar pretty high, but Justin’s car featured a number of cool exterior touches, from color-matched parts, black accents, and an unusual set of wheels. It was the standout car in F&F, but it still didn’t push the envelope as much as some past KOTS entries as it was pretty factory inside,” Turner said. Even so, Justin’s GT scored an 8 in the Fit & Finish category.

From an engineering standpoint, he was a big fan of the car’s clean return-style fuel-system conversion and the custom nitrous system spraying right into the blower’s EGR port. “These little touches notched it up a bit in the engineering category,” Turner added. As such, he scored Justin’s GT with a 7 in Engineering.

For the Horsepower category, Justin’s GT was the second car on Holley’s in-house Dynojet after Jammye McQuade’s 853-rwhp effort. Since you already know Jon Lund’s twin-turbo monster made 1,034 hp and Jammye’s made 853, Justin fell in behind with an 845.43 effort. Justin’s GT features an L&M Race Engines-built Coyote with a Whipple 2.9-liter supercharger and a squirt of the good stuff to arrive at that number. Therefore, he scored an 8 in the heavily weighted Horsepower category.

Speaking of heavily weighted categories, the Ride & Drive is weighted the same as the Horsepower category. Thanks to the car’s factory seatbelts teamed with the aforementioned Corbeau seats, the Ride & Drive got off to a pleasant start. The car rode and handled great, but with Ford Racing and Steeda Autosports suspension pieces, that was to be expected. Something that wasn’t expected was a transmission hunting for the right gear in town. Justin’s car features a 6R80 automatic, and after we drove the car, its tuner Jon Lund explained that tuning the new automatic and positive displacement superchargers can present some struggles. The transmission seemed to struggle with up and downshifts while out on the Ride & Drive. It was a bit unnerving, but there was also a bit of gear noise, as well. We didn’t believe Justin’s GT drove as well as others, so we scored it a 7 in the Ride & Drive.

The Drag Race portion was when Justin’s KOTS campaign fell apart. On the first of two allowable dragstrip passes as part of the Drag Race portion of the competition, the blower belt came off, leaving Evolution’s Nelson Whitlock to coast through with a 12.54. The guys tried to put a new belt on the car in time for the second pass, but it was discovered the car had broken a tensioner, which ended any chance of making a better time. Therefore, Justin’s GT scored a 5 in Drag Race category. Likewise, Justin’s GT ran mid-pack in the Popular Vote category. Our only explanation for that is, perhaps beyond the paint, it lacked the wow factor of some of the other competitors cars.

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain


Forged steel


L&M Race Engines


Cylinder heads

Intake manifold
Whipple w/ Ford Racing Cobra Jet throttle body, and JLT Performance Super Big Air intake

Power Adder
Whipple 2.9-liter twin-screw supercharger w/ a dry nitrous kit, 20 pounds of boost, 10-rib accessory drive, and an AFCO dual-pass heat exchanger

Fuel System
E85-compatible w/ Fore Innovations billet hat with dual 405 pumps, F4i regulator, and 205-lb/hr injectors

American Racing Headers 17⁄8-in long-tubes w/ off-road X-shape crossover pipe, and a Borla S-Type Cat-Back exhaust

Circle D Specialties-built 6R80 automatic w/ Circle D Pro Series billet torque converter, and SFI-approved flexplate

Stock 8.8-in w/ Ford Racing Torsen differential and 3.55 gears


Engine management
Stock Copperhead w/ Lund Racing tune


Stock w/ Auto Meter digital boost and fuel-pressure gauges in a Speed of Sound dual-gauge pod