Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Jon Lund’s 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Horsepower: 10 (1,034.38)
Ride & Drive: 8
Engineering: 8
Fit & Finish: 6
Drag Race: 9 (9.58)
Popular Vote: 10
Final Score: 85

We’re familiar with Jon Lund and his ’11 Mustang GT, and you should be as well. We featured it in the Nov. ’12 issue (“Alpha Mile,” p. 42). Editor Turner thought highly enough of it to choose it as the cover car for that issue, as well. If a car makes the cover, it deserves a T-shirt saying, “I’m kind of a big deal,” and Jon’s GT is definitely a big deal.

We don’t use the term ground-breaking lightly, but Jon’s GT has earned it. I mean, c’mon, in King of the Street trim, the car went 206 mph in the standing mile. That’s from 0 to 206 mph in a mile! Yet being an automatic, you can throw the keys to anyone and they can drive it to the store like a minivan.

Hopefully said person has enough sense to not get into boost right off the bat because this thing is stupid fast. OK, no King of the Street car should ever be handed over to a novice driver, but knowing your mom could jump behind the wheel and not need a tutorial before turning the key is what we’re after, and Jon’s GT fits the bill perfectly. The only advice your mom would need is, “Don’t get too heavy on that gas pedal.” Other than that, she’s golden.

Getting heavy on the gas pedal of a minivan doesn’t really provide much drama, but with Jon’s GT, the loud pedal is connected to 1,034.38 at the asphalt. Yes, that’s four digits. It’s not the most horsepower ever made at KOTS (Tony Alm’s GT500 made 1,139), but the next closest number in this year’s competition was that of Jammye McQuade’s ’07 GT500 at 853 hp. That’s almost a 200hp difference, and since Jon’s GT made the most power, it was awarded a score of 10 in the Horsepower segment.

Of course, the Ride & Drive scores are a closely held secret until this issue arrives, but as we hinted earlier, Jon’s GT drove really well. You truly could throw the keys to anyone and they’d be able to drive the car anywhere. In my notes, I wrote that Jon’s car was “really fast” with “really impressive power delivery.” An L&M Engines-built Coyote with twin-turbochargers is an unbelievable combination. You get the rpm combined with over 30 pounds of boost. The fact that Jon’s car is as docile as it is on the street, and yet so powerful on the dyno and at the track, means it’s the definition of a Jekyll and Hyde car for sure.

With a stock 6R80 automatic transmission outfitted with a Circle D converter, the car is smooth as stock driving around town, but at KOTS the car ran a 9.58 at 151 mph, which was just a tick off this year’s best time—much to the chagrin of the car’s caretaker Ken Bjonnes of Lund Racing, Jon’s righthand man. Since Ken lives in South Florida and works closely with Power by the Hour, the shop that built Jon’s GT, calling Ken the car’s caretaker is an accurate statement. Ken drove the car at Beech Bend Raceway for the Drag portion of the competition, and he wanted the quickest time badly. Since he didn’t get it, Ken isn’t going to hear the end of it anytime soon. Officially, Ken’s 9.58 was good enough for a second place in the Drag portion of the competition and a score of 9.

For the Engineering and Fit & Finish categories, which were both judged by Editor Turner, our fearless leader had these words to say about Jon’s car. “Despite its status as a new car, it packed in quite a bit of well-hidden engineering, from a built engine to a speed-sensitive boost controller. It also served as the testbed for the first version of a well-designed twin-turbo system. As evidenced by its dyno and track performance, that engineering was quite effective.” Editor Turner scored Jon’s car with an 8 in the Engineering category, but he wasn’t so friendly when it came to the Fit & Finish category.

Historically, Editor Turner is a tough judge when it comes to his categories. As such, it didn’t surprise us when we saw a 6 in the Fit & Finish category for Jon’s GT. “While Jon’s car was clean and purposeful, it appears relatively stock inside and out, so it graded just slightly above average from an F&F standpoint, thanks largely to the elegance of the turbo kit,” he added.

For the last category, the Popular Vote, it seems Jon’s GT struck a chord, and no kidding—look at it. The car has impact far beyond the others participating this year. Sure, the exterior doesn’t knock you down, but under the hood, that’s when your breath gets taken away. The Lund Racing twin-turbo kit is omnipresent, enough to inhale lesser cars and spit them out the twin Magnaflow tailpipes—and win the 2012 King of the Street.

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain

Forged steel


L&M Engines, coated

L&M Engines/Comp Cams custom

Cylinder heads
Ford Racing Boss 302

Intake manifold
Boss 302

Power Adder
Twinturbo.com twin-turbo kit w/ two 60mm turbos, TIAL MVS wastegates, TIAL 50mm blow-off valve, and air-to-water intercooler

Fuel system
Weldon 2345 pump w/ 200-lb/hr injectors, a Weldon regulator, and Aeromotive fuel rails

Twinturbo.com manifolds w/ Lethal Performance X-shape crossover and Magnaflow mufflers

Stock 6R80E six-speed automatic w/ Circle D 2,200-stall converter and Dynatech driveshaft

Stock 8.8-in w/ stock 3.15 gears

Engine management
Stock Copperhead w/ Lund Racing tune