Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Jammye McQuade’s 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Horsepower: 9 (853.12)
Ride & Drive: 8
Engineering: 6
Fit & Finish: 6
Drag Race: 7 (10.43)
Popular Vote: 8
Final Score: 75.5

In a King of the Street first, we invited Jammye McQuade back for a little redemption after he laid an egg at last year’s competition. If you remember, in the days leading up to last year’s King of the Street, he had his engine compartment detailed and cleaning solution made its way into the coil-on plug galleys. The solution wreaked havoc on the car’s ignition system, causing the car to be way off its usually game.

During last year’s Ride & Drive portion, Jammye didn’t think I was putting the throttle on the floor. Anyone that knows me knows I like to put a car through its paces—not to the extent that the owner does, but I put it on the floor. Since Jammye thought I didn’t floor the car on the Ride & Drive, he didn’t think anything of it again until the next morning at Holley Performance Products for the dyno portion of the event. When his car came up short on horsepower, he knew something was amiss. His GT500 only produced 759 rwhp on Holley’s Dynojet last year, and after going through the drag portion, Jammye discovered the cleaning solution issue. Unfortunately, by then it was too late.

We felt for Jammye, so we allowed him an attempt to redeem his ride and himself—and he did. He returned this year with new wheels from AmericanMuscle wrapped in Nitto rubber for a more street-friendly disposition. Out back, Jammye outfitted the car with drag radials to hopefully maintain traction. From the Ride & Drive my reaction was: “Traction...not really.” I wondered if Jammye would have better luck with traction at Beech Bend Raceway, but he was still able to run a 10.43 at 123 mph. We’re pretty sure the 1.756 short time in this trim is a couple tenths off his usual 60-foot time using his drag setup, but the 10.43 was still better than last year’s 11.03 on about seven cylinders.

Between the improved quarter-mile performance, increased horsepower, and a better Popular Vote score, Jammye greatly improved his final score over last year’s effort. By making the second highest horsepower, he scored a 9 in that category, and then another 8 in the Ride & Drive. His son Jesse rode with us on last Year’s Ride & Drive and promptly fell asleep in the back seat. Evidently my driving bores him, as he wasn’t interested in riding along this year. Besides Jesse giving us the cold shoulder, the car’s only shortcoming on the Ride & Drive was a slight vibration, most likely exacerbated by solid engine mounts and a Heim-jointed, drag-oriented suspension.

In the Engineering and Fit & Finish categories, Editor Turner applauded Jammye’s move to AmericanMuscle wheels, but the car’s largely stock exterior didn’t help. “It also bears the battle scars of being driven on a regular basis, which is a double-edged sword,” added Editor Turner. He also thought Jammye’s ride was a bit industrial on the inside due to its sheetmetal mount for the air/fuel monitor and a litany of switches on the console.

Since Editor Turner is a GT500 owner, he tends to judge fellow GT500s “a bit more harshly,” he says. He holds them to a higher standard, if you will. His GT500 lives a pampered life covered up in the garage, only driven on nice days. Thankfully, Jammye drove his GT500 to the event from his Winchester, Kentucky, hometown, as well as all over Bowling Green during the event weekend.

Turner liked the big Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger under the hood, but otherwise Editor Turner only found the expected Shelby GT500 mods. Therefore, he graded Jammye’s GT500 “just slightly above average in both categories because it didn’t go beyond what you expect from a nice GT500.” He scored Jammye’s GT500 with 6s in both Engineering and Fit & Finish. With his 10.43, Jammye scored a 7 in the Drag category, and his GT500 seemed to strike a chord with voters, scoring an 8 in the Popular Vote category.

We’re glad we gave Jammye a second chance, and he certainly made the most of his opportunity. Well done, Jammye.

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain

2011 Shelby GT500


Manley billet

Manley billet w/ Total Seal rings

Lunati w/ secret specs

Cylinder heads
Ported factory castings w/ Manley valvesprings, factory lash adjusters, and factory followers

Intake manifold
Kenne Bell Mammoth

Power Adder
Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger w/ AFCO heat exchanger, and 26 pounds of boost

Fuel system
Stock fuel pump and lines w/ 80-lb/hr injectors


Factory TR6060 w/ McLeod Industries RXT clutch, MGW shifter, and DriveShaft Shop driveshaft

Stock 8.8-in w/ stock 3.73 gears


Engine management
Stock Copperhead w/SCT tune

Factory, NGK TR6 plugs

Stock w/ Innovate Motorsports wideband