Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 1, 2013
Photos By: Steve Turner

Steve Shrader’s 1999 Ford Mustang GT

Horsepower: 7 (834.03)
Ride & Drive: 7
Engineering: 8
Fit & Finish: 6
Drag Race: 8 (9.86)
Popular Vote: 7
Final Score: 71

We thought the days of Two-Valve Mustangs competing in the King of the Street were long gone, much less one doing well. However, when we received Steve Shrader’s KOTS application, we knew he would carry high the Two-Valve banner.

The KOTS had become a Four-Valve competition long ago, but with promises of mid-800hp numbers, high 9-second times, and a street persona to match any other competitor, we had to invite Steve to the King of the Street.

If you’re familiar with the Yellow Mustang Registry, this is the car that started it all back in 2002. Steve sold the Registry in 2006 to concentrate on Shrader Performance, the performance wing of the operation. Steve’s GT is the result of his Gastonia, North Carolina, performance shop, with a lot of help from Jon Wilburn. Shrader Performance specializes in modular Mustang performance and engine builds. The recent purchaser of an ’01 Bullitt, I was particularly interested in getting a close-up look at Steve’s GT, and it didn’t disappoint.

First off, Steve’s GT stuck out like a 7-year-old at a Buckcherry concert since it was yellow and a New Edge car. In a sea of S197 Mustangs, a New Edge might as well be a totally different model, but rest assured, Steve’s GT is all Mustang.

Steve built a stock-bore-and-stroke Two-Valve with Fox Lake-ported Performance Improved heads, and cams with specs more secret than the Colonel’s secret recipe. On top is an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake with an Accufab 75mm throttle body and a Pro-M meter. That alone won’t get you into the King of the Street, but Steve didn’t stop there, obviously. Using what he’s learned, he hung a Vortech S-Trim supercharger from the front of the Two-Valve with the extra sauciness of a Zex nitrous kit. Throw in a fuel system made for E85 and you have the Two-Valve that could.

Of course, on the Ride & Drive, I do my best to put all the KOTS cars through their paces. When it came time to drive Steve’s GT, I hit it once without spraying the nitrous, which Steve has connected to a button. Since his GT weighs in at 3,100 pounds, the 700-some-odd rwhp was plenty to impress your author. However, he urged me to introduce the nitrous into the equation, so I obliged. In my notes are the words, “Insane power delivery…it’s on like Donkey Kong when you mash the throttle, and you can tell a marked difference when you hit the nitrous.” To say Steve’s car gets up and moves is an understatement. Driving it made me want to throw rocks at my Bullitt when I returned home. All of this added up to 834.03 rwhp at the competition, which was good enough for a 7 in the Horsepower category.

For the Ride and Drive category, the New Edge chassis isn’t as good as the S197 chassis, which counted against Steve’s GT. Plus, the car was missing a couple interior amenities, and those concessions knocked the Ride & Drive score down to a 7.

For the Engineering and Fit & Finish scores, Editor Turner was impressed with the mechanical aspect of Steve’s GT, but besides that, the car didn’t quite hit all of his hot buttons. “Superficially, Steve’s ride is clean and old-school, with the Weld Drag Lite look that launched millions of Mustang dreams. However, it doesn’t venture too far outside the norm from there,” he said. For the Engineering category, thanks to the healthily engineered Vortech-boosted, Zex-sprayed, E85-burning Two-Valve that hangs with boosted Coyotes and Shelbys, Steve’s GT deserved every bit of its score of 8.

In Fit & Finish, Editor Turner says Steve’s GT picked up many of its F&F points under the hood, where the little Two-Valve is “cleanly augmented by a lot of support hardware without coming off like a bird’s nest.” However, thanks to Turner’s aforementioned gripes he scored Steve’s GT with a 6 in the Fit & Finish category.

Steve rebounded with a ripping 9.86 at 147 mph in the Drag Race category. Only Coffeeman’s ProCharged GT and Jon Lund’s twin-turbo GT ran quicker times. Therefore, Steve scored an 8 in the Drag Race category. In the Popular Vote, Steve had quite the following, scoring a 7 in that category.

All in all, we were impressed with Steve’s GT and have talked to him extensively about how best to modify our Bullitt, but unfortunately, he couldn’t quite put together the score to win the crown.

5.0 Tech Specs

Engine and Drivetrain

Teksid aluminum

Cobra eight-bolt


D.S.S. Racing Engines GSX w/ Total Seal rings

Secret w/ Super Secret specs

Cylinder heads
Stock PI castings, Fox Lake-ported

Intake manifold
Edelbrock Victor Jr. w/ Accufab 75mm throttle body, and a Pro-M mass air meter

Power Adder
Vortech S-Trim supercharger w/ 17 pounds of boost, a Treadstone air-to-air intercooler, and a Zex nitrous system

Fuel system
E85-compatible w/ Dual Aeromotive A1000 pumps, Fore Innovations fuel rails, 80-lb/hr injectors, and an Aeromotive regulator

American Racing Headers long-tubes w/ X-shape crossover pipe, and Flowmaster mufflers

TR3650 w/ SPEC clutch, and Steeda Autosports Tri-Ax shifter

Stock 8.8-in w/ Ford Racing differential, Moser axles, and 3.73 gears


Engine management

Stock w/ GMS Pro Series coils