Team MM&FF
March 2, 2005

Richard Lelsz
9.43/146.34 mph

Coming into the shootout, we knew Richard Lelsz of Strictly Performance was going to be the fastest. Almost two years ago, car owner Ken Biscamp brought his then-new Cobra into Strictly with a simple set of instructions: Beat Nitrous Pete's best time and make this car the quickest '03 Cobra, period. Lelsz soaked up the challenge and took the yellow Cobra to the top of the list. (Check out "King of the Snake Pit," Nov. '03, p. 62, for the full feature on this car.) The only significant changes since the feature have been more tuning, more nitrous, and a custom intake elbow.

Lelsz's best time to date has been a 9.33 at 149 mph. He had intentions of lowering that number, but he quickly found out that leaving with more power smoked the tires-even on a killer track. He still ran an impressive 9.43 at 146.34 mph despite the traction woes. Upon returning to the shop, a set of 29x105Ws were added and Lelsz vowed to never have a traction problem again. Expect an 8-second timeslip from the King Cobra next spring.

Owner:Ken Biscamp
Hometown:Houston, Texas
Year/Model:'03 SVT Cobra
All-Time Best:9.33 at 149 mph
Shootout Best:9.43 at 146 mph
Weight:3,352 lbs
Built By:Strictly Performance
Tuning:Diablo Revolution by Strictly Performance
Power Adder:Kenne Bell and custom dry-nitrous kit
Max Boost/Nitrous:25 psi and 250 hp
Intake Manifold:Custom by Strictly Performance/Beck Mechanical
Cylinder Heads:Ported Stock heads
Compression Ratio:8:1
Camshafts:JDM Engineering
Ignition:Stock w/Brisk spark plugs
Exhaust:Dr. Gas X-pipe, Kooks Headers, and Flowmaster mufflers
Transmission:Trans King C4
Clutch/Converter:10-in by Trans King
Rear Type:8.8-in w/3.55 gears
Wheels:Bogart D-10
Tires:M/T Front Runners (F), M/T ET Drag slicks (R)
Suspension Front:Lakewood struts
Suspension Rear:Lakewood shocks, Metco control arms

Sean Kelly
9.83/137 mph

Sean Kelly uses his Cobra as a calling card for his business, M.A.S. Racing Development, and to learn more about modular performance. His original plans were to build a Renegade-style race car, but he chose to sell the rolling chassis in order to purchase this Cobra. Once the car made it into the shop, the modifications began, and Kelly has never looked back. Perhaps the most unique feature is the 2.4L Kenne Bell blower. The Kenne Bell huffer used by others in the shootout was the smaller 2.2L blower, so Kelly's was the first 2.4L we had seen in person.

Heading into the shootout, the car had run 10.09, but that was with the smaller supercharger. It took a few dyno runs at Dyno Tuned Performance in Virginia to dial in the 2.4. As it turned out, the extra power required an upgraded fuel system, and once everything was sorted out, Kelly came to Englishtown. The results were staggering as the car picked up more than two tenths and ran 9.83 at 137.72 mph. From there, Kelly tried to go a bit quicker by adjusting the tune-up, but he failed to better the 9.83 performance.

Owner:Sean Kelly
Hometown:Virginia Beach, Virginia
Year/Model:'03 SVT Cobra
Previous Best:10.09 at 139 mph
Shootout Best:9.83 at 137 mph
Weight:3,618 lbs
Built By:Steen Racing
Tuning:SCT Chip by Brent Hughes
Power Adder:Kenne Bell and NOS wet-nitrous system
Max Boost/Nitrous:21 psi and 50 hp
Intake Manifold:Stock w/Accufab throttle body
Cylinder Heads:Stock heads
Compression Ratio:Stock
Ignition:Stock w/Kenne Bell Boost-A-Spark
Exhaust:Mac L/T headers, Dr. Gas X-pipe, and Mac Pro-Dumps (3 in)
Transmission:Performance Automatic C4
Clutch/Converter:Neil Chance torque converter
Rear Type:8.8-in w/3.73 gears
Tires F/R:Futura 165-R15 (F), M/T ET Drag slicks (R)
Suspension Front:AJE K-member, Lakewood 90/10 struts and coilover springs
Suspension Rear:UPR control arms, UPR antisway bar, and Lakewood shocks