Team MM&FF
March 2, 2005

Jim D'Amore
10.31/136.17 mph

Jim D'Amore brought the only IRS-suspended Cobra to our shootout and performed awesomely with a 10.31 at a scorching 136.17 mph. That's cooking when you consider he relies on 20 psi of boost from an Apten-ported Eaton supercharger, not a large Kenne Bell or Whipple setup, and that his car weighs nearly 4,000 pounds. Some of the performance can be attributed to a 75hp hit from the wet-nitrous system from Nitrous Express. The IRS suspension did not work quite as well on this high-horsepower application as it did on the 8.8-equipped cars, so hooking was difficult. D'Amore was off his usual 10-oh pace, but he still turned in some impressive numbers. The 1.66 60-foot times were more than a tenth off and kept the car in the 10.30s.

D'Amore considers his car to be a daily driver, with its electronically shifted trans-mission-not a C4-and air conditioning. He wanted to run in the nines, so he upped the nitrous to a 125hp hit. It proved to be ineffective as the air/fuel meter showed a severe lean condition and D'Amore backed off the throttle. He changed the tune-up at the track, but he said he really wanted to run the car on his chassis dyno before attempting another run with the larger nitrous hit. The lean condition was cured after the shootout thanks to one of JDM Engineering's fuel systems. D'Amore could not make a run for the nines as the winter season came and E-town was shut down until spring. You can be sure he'll run nines when the warm weather returns to the Northeast.

Owner:Jim D'Amore
Hometown:Freehold, New Jersey
Year/Model:'03 SVT Cobra
All-Time Best:10.06 at 138.67 mph
Shootout Best:10.31 at 136 mph
Weight:3,962 lbs
Engine:281 ci
Built By:Ford Motor Company
Tuning:Superchips Custom Tuning chip by JDM Engineering
Power Adder:Apten-ported Eaton blower and Nitrous Express wet-nitrous system
Intercooler:Stock w/Fluidyne Heat Exchanger
Max Boost/Nitrous:20 psi/75hp shot
Intake Manifold:Stock with JDM Engineering throttle body
Cylinder Heads:Stock
Compression Ratio:Stock
Camshafts:JDM Engineering
Exhaust:JDM Engineering L/T headers, Lightning cats, MagnaFlow after-cat
Transmission:'04 Mach 1 4R70W
Clutch/Converter:Precision Industries lock-up torque converter
Rear Type:8.8-in w/3.73 gears
Wheels:Bogart D-10
Tires F/R:M/T front runners (F), 28x10.5 M/T ET Street (R)
Suspension Front: Stock
Suspension Rear: QA1 shocks and factory IRS setup

Chuck Riley
11.57/126.65 mph

There was only one car in the Modified class that had a six-speed transmission, and it belonged to Chuck Riley of Delaware. The white Cobra was the least modified car and it still ran 126.65 mph, showing 10-second potential. Riley added a live axle, which is what put him in this class. He was also the only person to run with radial street tires, Nitto 555R Extreme drag radials. The sticky tires would spin violently if Riley left with a lot of rpm. These traction issues forced him to essentially walk the car out and then slam down on the throttle once the Cobra got rolling.

Negotiating his way into the 11.50s took some time, and Riley was happy with the results. Of course, he wanted to run quicker, but he was a last-minute addition to the shootout when a competitor cancelled. Johnny Lightning is to thank for helping fill the sixth and final spot in the shootout. We imagine this car is probably closer to a majority of the Cobras roaming the streets than the other cars in the Modified class. Just think how remarkable these Cobras are-a few bolt-on parts and tuning will give you enough power to push a 3,700-pound car into the 10s. Now that is simply amazing.

Custom chip by Johnny Lightning Performance
Owner:Chuck Riley
Hometown:Lewes, Delaware
Year/Model:'03 SVT Cobra
All-Time Best:11.57 at 126 mph
Shootout Best:11.50 at 126 mph
Weight:3,740 pounds
Engine:281 ci
Built By:Ford Motor Company
Power Adder:Factory Eaton blower
Max Boost/Nitrous:N/A
Intake Manifold:Stock
Cylinder Heads:Stock
Compression Ratio:Stock
Exhaust:Dr. Gas X-pipe, Bassani after-cat
Transmission:Stock six-speed
Clutch/Converter:Centerforce clutch and Fidanza flywheel
Rear Type:8.8-in w/3.55 gears
Wheels:Intro custom 17-in
Tires F/R:Nitto (F) and Nitto NT555R (R)
Suspension Front:Tokico drag struts
Suspension Rear:Strange drag shocks