January 31, 2005

True Street Ennis '04 Top 25
DriverRound 1Round 2Round 3Average
1. John Bryant 9.387 9.381 9.504 9.424 W
2. Owen Spry 9.738 9.537 9.547 9.607 R/U
3. Brett Thiess 9.822 9.638 9.636 9.699
4. Matt Monroe 9.811 9.86610.90010.192 Low 10
5. Brian Wilson10.63510.53210.51410.560
6. AJ Zabojnik10.99010.66910.89910.853 Ed. Ch.
7. Brian Warwas11.07911.03511.07211.062 Low 11
8. Sean Omert10.36411.45711.78811.203
9. Chuck Hoestra11.57711.26311.15811.333
10. Chris Hamilton11.24311.28111.48211.335
11. Mike Harris11.26911.43011.32911.343
12. Scotty Hobbs11.39211.33111.36011.361
13. Micheal Holleck10.87911.61212.210 11.567
14. Robert Vasquez11.75511.57712.63811.990
15. Rance Reynolds11.95812.00512.29412.086 Low 12
16. Burl Bourns11.49311.56913.65812.240
17. Larry Fulkerson11.95212.36912.44112.254
18. Thomas Eaton12.52212.03512.23312.263
19. Mike Aertoriz12.29912.28312.33912.307
20. James McPhail11.91911.96213.06012.314
21. Eric Coley12.14412.49312.58812.408
22. Jack Kutzer11.81411.76513.70712.429
23. Garth Sanich11.90311.93413.68812.508
24. Earl Holder12.22212.90212.41012.511
25. Danny Gordon12.55912.64912.57812.595
Low 13-Second Winner
Larry Drozo12.71212.96013.54013.071
Low 14-Second Winner
Lloyd Turner13.45514.54414.20014.066
Low 15-Second Winner
Tim Withers14.79915.38014.92815.036

True Street/Ennis '04
There were 82 cars that finished the MM&FF/Tremec True Street tour and all three drag passes, making it one of the biggest, most competitive fields in recent history.

One of the favorites was famed Outlaw racer Mike Murillo, whose new street car sported a mild turbocharged powerplant along with a squirt of the giggle gas. His first two passes were in the nines, but on the third run the tech officials realized he hadn't been running with the required fire pants and he was disqualified.

John Bryant held off bracket magnate Owen Spry and his familiar orange notchback for the top honors in the class, while Matt Monroe, Brian Warwas, Rance Reynolds, Larry Drozo, Lloyd Turner, and Tim Withers cleaned up in the other classes. A.J. Zabojnik of Rowlett, Texas, took home the coveted MM&FF Editor's Choice award with his '93 LX coupe. The twin-turbocharged, 331ci Stang sported shaved door handles, a Jerico four-speed gearbox, and an air-to-water intercooler. - Steve Baur