June 15, 2004

Ever since we coined the idea for the Spring Break Shootout back in 1995, we've always kicked it off with a party at a local Hooters restaurant. What could be better after a bitterly cold winter than a warm Florida night filled with wings, beverages and the always-delightful Hooters girls?

There have been some zany antics at these affairs over the years--a police helicopter buzzing the Sarasota Hooters to investigate all that smoke, rental car burnouts in vehicles without drivers, dancing, partying, etc. They were gala affairs indeed.

But this year we added two twists to our shindig at the Hooters of Waterford Lakes in Orlando. First, the fire department showed up after a magazine employee, who shall remain nameless, did a near two-minute burnout in a reader's Cobra and caused the adjacent highway to be engulfed in smoke. Then a pair of the more amenable female party guests flashed their, um, hooters, at the crowd. Gee, what happens next year, human sacrifice? Orgy? Wet T-shirt contest? Hey...

These photos show only a portion of the good times. There is more on the Web, including some exclusive video, of which we'll add new ones every week. We can't wait for 2005.


0407mm_02z Ford_Mustang Rear_View_Burnout


0407mm_05z Ford_Mustang Rear_View_Burnout0407mm_hoot_08_z0407mm_hoot_07_z0407mm_hoot_12_z0407mm_hoot_10_z0407mm_hoot_11_z0407mm_09z Ford_Cobra Front_Drivers_Side_View_Burnout0407mm_hoot_19_z0407mm_hoot_17_z0407mm_hoot_16_z0407mm_15z Ford_Mustang Rear_Passenger_Side_View_Burnout0407mm_hoot_18_z0407mm_hoot_13_z0407mm_hoot_14_z0407mm_hoot_20_z0407mm_hootweb_23_z0407mm_hootweb_25_z0407mm_hootweb_35_z0407mm_hootweb_38_z0407mm_hootweb_42_z