Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
June 5, 2003
Contributers: John Hedenburg

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0307MM_01z Ford_Mustang Front_View_At_Track
Wheels-up performances like this one from Eustis, Florida's Seth Keck were quite common at the 2003 Spring Break Shootout.
0307MM_03z 1992_Ford_Mustang Front_View_At_Track
Jason Ardon's cherry red '92 notchback found its way to the number-three spot in qualifying, and then defeated Chris Patchen in round one of competition. Ardon runs a 359-cube motor that inhales nitrous oxide courtesy of the Wilson Pro Flow injection.
0307MM_04z Ford_Mustang Front_View_At_Track
Cordele, Georgia's Spurgeon Adkins has put his Stang on the bumper plenty of times, but these days, it seems the pony is dialed-in for a milder launch. No matter, the number-four qualifier trailered Mike Stefani in the first round to advance him to the Georgia raindate.

Slicks and rain don't make a great combination for optimum dragstrip performance, but when the track was dry, the 2003 Spring Break Shootout participants put some rubber down and some ultra-fast elapsed times.

For 2003,, otherwise known as shifters, gears, knobs, etc., sponsored the class by putting up $2,500 for prize money. In addition, Crane Cams tossed in over $2,400 worth of components, Cervini's Auto Designs donated a fiberglass hood, K&N Filters threw in some filters and GT Effect supplied one of its fiberglass cowl panels as a prize.

In order to win, one needed mega power as number-one qualifier Brian Goss posted a scorching 8.253 pass at 172 mph, and runner-up Jason Rhoden was hot on his tail with an 8.26 run. Three other guys would help Goss and Rhoden set the pace by running in the mid to high 8s. Eight 9-second cars and 14 others running 12s or better filled up the 28-car field, making this one of the quickest Spring Break Shootouts ever.

Although there was no limit on power adders, these fantastic times were achieved with a maximum 10.5-inches of tire, and a 3,000-pound minimum weight for each vehicle. Every car had to be registered and insured for the street too, so you couldn't exactly get a hacked up car to qualify. Turbochargers seem to be coming on strong with the Mustang crowd and this class was no exception as the top two cars both sported hair dryers. Jason Ardon and Ronnie Wilson, however, were both in the hunt though with their nitrous-guzzling quarter horses.

With all of this hot action on the track, it was a shame that everyone had to dodge frequent rain showers. As it tuned out, only one round of eliminations was run before the event was postponed due to the inclement weather.

Round one saw 13 of the top 14 cars advance to round two, but rain showers put an early end to the Fun Ford season opener. Be sure to check back as the heads-up classes, including the Spring Break Shootout, will be completed at the next Fun Ford event in Commerce, Georgia, and we'll have all the insane results right here in MM&FF.

2003 Spring Break Shootout Qualifying Results
1. Brian Goss8.253172.36
2. Robert Rhoden8.260171.69
3. Jason Ardon8.725156.25
4. Spurgeon Adkins8.743157.78
5. Ronnie Wilson8.748157.45
6. Gina Munden9.076147.97
7. John Hewlett9.276143.72
8. Matthew {{{M}}}. Hamby9.457137.23
9. Brad Heuwagen9.642139.77
10. Demetrius Koutsis9.666137.42
11. Frank Inturrisi9.774137.53
12. Greg Paulson9.819111.46
13. Mike Allen9.860140.27
14. Christina Eldert10.078139.16
15. Scott Pennington10.512130.28
16. Steve Avant10.557130.83
17. Chris Patchen10.964122.63
18. Mike Stefani11.081124.15
19. Charles Manchester11.257122.64
20. Mario Gutierrez11.386118.79
21. Seth Keck11.717114.12
22. Sherry Gonyon11.931109.95
23. Sam Brickey12.25371.61
24. Darryl Buckner12.546110.{{{90}}}
25. Dennis Kelly Jr.12.768110.74
26. Dean Lazzaro12.815110.40
27. Richard Wellman13.02492.04
28. Michael Debrabant14.00293.74