Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 25, 2006
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Mike Kelly
After a few run-ins with some of the General's crew, Mike Kelly sought out Paul's High Performance in Jackson, Michigan, to help him extract some power from his pony.

Mike purchased the car new, and when the decision to boost engine output was made, he opted to go the naturally-aspirated route. Getting the hefty horse hauling was as easy as installing a 4.10 gear set and a Lentech transmission with a transbrake. Attention to the intake and exhaust systems has rewarded this pony with low-13-second timeslips, but Mike plans to get it into the 12s with a few more mods.

Owner: Mike Kelly
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Driver: Mike Kelly
Year/Model: {{{2001 Mustang}}} {{{GT}}} convertible
Weight w/driver: 3,568 pounds
Engine: Stock
Built by: {{{Ford}}}
Intercooler: None
Power adder: None
Maximum boost: None
Intake manifold: Stock
Cylinder Head(s): Stock
Compression ratio: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Computer: Stock
Exhaust: JBA headers, Bassani X-pipe
Transmission: Lentech overdrive with transbrake, 2,800-stall converter
Rear type: 8.8 with Moser 31-spline axles and 4.10 gear
Wheels: Weld ProStar
Tires: {{{M}}}/T ET Street
Suspension front: Stock
Suspension rear: Paul's High Performance springs and control arms
Best shootout ET/MPH: 13.33/102.81
Best-ever ET/MPH: 13.33/102.81
Run # R/T 60-ft. 1/8 MPH 1/4 MPH
1 1.10 1.{{{90}}} 8.56 81.59 13.42 102.40
2 .786 1.89 8.50 82.20 13.33 102.81
3 1.54 1.90 8.52 82.25 13.35 103.21
4 1.21 1.91 8.55 81.{{{80}}} 13.39 102.59
5 1.14 1.89 8.53 81.84 13.38 101.55