Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 25, 2006
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Ken Coons
As an aviation machinist's mate working on F-14 fighter planes, Ken Coons is rather familiar with high-horsepower hardware. The Mustang GT that he brought to our shootout was built by his brother, who sold it to Ken upon his return from deployment in the Middle East.

The 1996-98 4.6-liter engines have been purported to be the weakest of the modular family, but this Mustang receives intercooled air from an ATI ProCharger making 12 pounds of boost. This along with a stout suspension has given the horse the power to stand tall and defend the Blue Oval, if Ken wasn't already doing enough.

Ken's track day was unfortunately cut short due to some bad spark plugs, but he reported that a recent outing to Atco Raceway netted a 12.52 e.t. at 107 mph, with a 1.72 short time. The weakest 4.6? Not any more.

Owner: Ken Coons
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Driver: Ken Coons
Year/Model: {{{1998 Mustang}}} GT
Weight w/driver: 3,570 lbs.
Engine: 281 ci
Built by: {{{Ford}}}
Intercooler: 3-core air-to-air
Power adder: ATI ProCharger P600B
Maximum boost: 12 psi
Intake manifold: Stock
Cylinder Head(s): Stock
Compression ratio: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Ignition: MSD DIS-4
Computer: Stock
Exhaust: BBK headers and H-pipe, 2.5-inch Flowmaster mufflers
Transmission: Stock AODE
Rear type: 8.8 axle with 3.73 gear
Wheels: 17x9-inch Cobra R
Tires: Nitto 555/ {{{M}}}/T ET Street
Suspension front: Stock
Suspension rear: BBK control arms, Eibach springs
Best shootout ET/MPH: 13.02/102.83
Best-ever ET/MPH: 12.52/107
Run # R/T 60-ft. 1/8 MPH 1/4 MPH
1 .831 1.92 8.36 82.22 13.24 {{{100}}}.52
2 .750 1.{{{90}}} 8.28 84.31 13.02 102.83