Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 25, 2006
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Jim Vaccaro
Armed and ready to assault the 9-second zone, Jim Vaccaro's Mustang GT didn't quite make it there but was still able to take top honors with a 10.50 run. LaRocca's Performance, which tunes the car for Vaccaro, turned up the wick with the addition of an ATI F-1 huffer and an EPEC computer.

Vaccaro, who is the promotions director for SuperStallions of the Net, said that they still have a few things to work out but even still, the car made 640 hp at the rear wheels. On pump gas. With over 30 10-second passes on the car, Jim hopes to put his silver bullet in the 9s with slicks and wants to be able to run low-10s with drag radials. We don't think he's too far off.

Owner: Jim Vaccaro
Hometown: New York City
Driver: Jim LaRocca/ Jim Vaccaro
Year/Model: {{{1999 Mustang}}} GT
Weight w/driver: 3,{{{720}}} lbs.
Engine: 281 ci
Built by: LaRocca's Performance/{{{Fox}}} Lake
Intercooler: 3-core air-to-air
Power adder: ATI ProCharger F-1
Maximum boost: 16 psi
Intake manifold: Bullitt
Cylinder Head(s): Fox Lake
Compression ratio: 8.5:1
Camshafts: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Computer: EPEC
Exhaust: MAC long-tube headers, MAC 3-inch ProChamber and BRS custom after-cat with Dynomax Race {{{Magnum}}} mufflers
Transmission: Lentech Street Dominator Overdrive
Rear type: 8.8 with Moser axles, Auburn Pro differential and 3.73 gear
Wheels: Bogart
Tires: {{{M}}}/T ET Street 26x10-inch
Suspension front: Stock
Suspension rear: Mustang Magic/Steeda upper and lower control arms, Tokico shocks
Best shootout ET/MPH: 10.50/129.95
Best-ever ET/MPH: 10.18/137
Run # R/T 60-ft. 1/8 MPH 1/4 MPH
1 1.99 1.51 6.85 101.50 10.70 128.73
2 1.07 1.51 6.70 106.81 10.50 129.95
3 1.51 1.54 6.72 106.53 10.60 125.08