Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
October 25, 2006
Photos By: Team MM&FF

Jeff Bloch
As a park police officer in Washington, D.C., Jeff Bloch has been behind the wheel of a Crown Victoria for the last eight years. When the urge to modify his cruiser became too much to bear, he purchased this 1998 model from a police car auction ,and though he originally looked at bolting on the PI heads and intake, he bought a low-mileage 260-horse Mustang motor for $1,500 and sold the original powerplant for $650. Jeff found it easier (and probably cheaper) just to swap engines.

With the addition of an S-trim Vortech supercharger, Jeff created one of the neatest sleepers around. Or so one would think. Jeff told us that the Crown Vic gets more attention than his 10-second LX Mustang did, at least at the track. Jeff also left many of the cruiser amenities on board like the antennae and spot light, which no doubt adds to the confusion of surrounding traffic. Is it still impersonating an officer if you actually are one? We're not sure, but if they tried to get away, the pursuit wouldn't last long with Jeff behind the wheel of his personal Crown Vic.

Since the shootout, Jeff reported that the cruiser has gone 12.59 at 109.78 while still on the Dunlop street rubber. The decrease in e.t. was the result of an additional 2.5 pounds of boost from a smaller blower pulley.

Owner: Jeff Bloch
Hometown: Brandy, Maryland
Driver: Jeff Bloch
Year/Model: {{{1998 Ford Crown Victoria}}}
Weight w/driver: 4,124 lbs.
Engine: 281 ci
Built by: {{{Ford}}}
Intercooler: Aftercooler
Power adder: Vortech S-trim
Maximum boost: 8.5 psi
Intake manifold: Bullitt
Cylinder Head(s): Stock
Compression ratio: Stock
Camshafts: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Computer: InjectTech custom computer chip
Exhaust: FRPP headers, Dr. Gas X-pipe, Dynomax Ultraflow 2.5-inch mufflers
Transmission: 1999 4R70W, Level 10 2,400-stall converter
Rear type: 8.8 axle, 3.73 gear
Wheels: 16-inch
Tires: Dunlop 255/50/16
Suspension front: Stock
Suspension rear: Stock13.06/106.48
Best shootout ET/MPH: 12.59/109.78
Best-ever ET/MPH: 12.52/107
Run # R/T 60-ft. 1/8 MPH 1/4 MPH
1 1.44 2.25 9.48 60.06 14.39 102.39
2 1.42 2.06 8.41 84.24 13.06 106.48
3 1.36 2.22 8.61 85.34 13.20 107.50
4 .990 2.01 8.53 83.55 13.21 106.07
5 .836 2.01 8.45 84.16 13.12 106.11