September 30, 2002

The Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club of Hawaii's annual "Mustang Madness" All Ford Show, held at Mike McKenna's Kailua-based Windward Ford dealership, celebrated its 10th Anniversary in fine style this past May.

Over the years, this one-day "Ford-A-Ganza" has become a "must attend" event for classic and late-model Mustang enthusiasts from all across the 50th state, as well for select "mainlanders" wishing to get away from all the hustle and bustle, if only momentarily.

Selected as Grand Marshall for the one-day fund raiser (with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society, Kailua's Kalaheo High School Mustangs "Project Graduation," and other local charities) was none other than Steve Saleen, who was accompanied by his lovely wife Liz.

To the Saleens' delight there were numerous Mustang entries bearing their name, from the early '80s to the latest and greatest, parked all around the Windward Ford dealership. So popular was Steve Saleen's visit to the island paradise that he later commented that he doesn't remember the last time he signed that many autographed posters and other Saleen artifacts in one sitting. Someone in the AMSCH also came up with the inspired notion to print up some transparent 10th Anniversary Mustang Madness stickers complete with the Saleen corporate logo, and stuck them on the smooth sides of 15 coconuts. These home-grown novelties were given away as raffle prizes, (complete with both Mike McKenna, and Steve and Liz Saleen's autographs,) and no doubt made a unique addition to anyone's Ford memorabilia collection. At the show, a grand total of 127 entries occupied virtually every parking spot around the dealership and the Bank of Hawaii parking lot next to it, vying for first through third-place trophies in fourteen classes.

At day's end, Mark Leon's awesome black 1973 DeTomaso Pantera captured first in the Exotic class. Mark Metcalf's 2000 Roush Edition Mustang did likewise in the Specialty class, and Rodney Luronal (1993 LX), Bryan Jones (1993 LX convertible) and Chad Bulacan (1994 coupe) captured first place honors in Hatchback, Convertible, and Late-Model Modified classes,respectively. There were also two specialty awards given at the event. Honolulu's Lon Bentley (makeup man for actor Tom Selleck) and his flawless black 1955 Ford Thunderbird captured the Mike McKenna Best of Show award, while Kei and Miki Inuma's 351-powered, Mid States Cobra replica was selected to receive the Barbara McClurg Memorial Trophy.

This past May 19, Mike McKenna's Oahu-based Windward Ford dealership hosted the Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club of Hawaii's 10th annual "Mustang Madness" All Ford Show. Over 127 entries gathered from all around the island to compete for trophies in a total of 14categories. This event annually raises money for local charities, with proceeds going this year to the American Cancer Society, Kailua's Kalaheo Mustangs High School "Project Graduation" program, and other local charities.
0211mmff_coconuts02_zoom0211mmff_coconuts03_zoom0211mmff_04zoom 1973_Ford_DeTomaso_Pantera Rear_View
Balmy tropical island weather greeted some 3,000 spectators during the one-day event. Shown is the tail end of Exotic Class winner Mark Leon's Weber carbureted 1973 DeTomaso Pantera. The quality of "iron" at Mustang Madness 10 was second to none.
Club president Craig Howell greetedco-marshalls Steve and Liz Saleen. Howell presented them with leis and a plaque to show the club's appreciation. McKenna's Windward Ford dealership is the official Saleen Mustang franchisee on the island.
Saleen himself later commented that he doesn't remember the last time he signed as many posters and Saleen memorabilia. And that included autographing 15 specially adorned coconuts which were later given out as door prizes.
This overview clearly illustrates the high caliber of show entries at Mustang Madness 10. The crowd is gathered around Kei and Miki Inuma's Cobra replica which won the Barbara McClurg Memorial Trophy.
0211mmff_08zoom Ford_Saleen_S_281 Passenger_Side_View
A beautiful anthricite-hued Saleen S-281 hardtop graced the showroom floor of the McKenna Windward Ford dealership. All told, there were over a half-dozen Saleen Mustangs from all years at the event.
Judging from the expression on this little guy's face, the wait in line to get Saleen's autograph was well worth it.
When we said "balmy weather" we meant intermittent light showers--which kept show- goers hopping.
0211mmff_12zoom Ford_Mustang Rear_Aerial_View_In_Lot0211mmff_13zoom 1993_Ford_SVT_Cobra Rear_View_In_Lot
Everywhere you looked you could see both classic and late-model Mustangs. This 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra is a pretty good indicator of that.
0211mmff_14zoom Ford_Mustang Front_View_In_Lot
Flash! Mustang convertible gives birth at show! Just kidding ...
0211mmff_15zoom Ford_F150 Front_View
But it wasn't all Mustangs at Mustang Madness 10. Out back you could find a strong contingent of Ford truck iron. At the end of the day, Ron Tampon's black F-150 captured 1st in the Truck/SUV class.
0211mmff_16zoom Ford_Mustang Drivers_Side_View
New Fords shared space with car show entries keeping both potential customers as well as spectator interest's level peaked.
See you next year!