Jerry Heasley
August 1, 2008

Gene explained how the KR uses stiffer springs to react quicker to turns and braking compared to the regular GT500. However, the sway bars are softened for the street. Ford and Shelby also worked with Goodyear to develop tires for this vehicle. The object was to get as close as possible to the edge-the point where the car oversteers and spins out.

Jim Owens added, "With the compound and the suspension work, we can pull substantially over 1 g at 72 mph."

The KR delivers big-time horsepower and torque. It's a King of the Road musclecar with comfort and great handling.

For decades, the collector in me has wanted Ford and Carroll Shelby to get back together to build a new Shelby Mustang. It's a dream come true that the KR is back. Just like Carroll, the GT500KR is the real deal.

GT500 vs. GT500KR*
Torque480 lb-ft510 lb-ft
Redline6,250 rpm6,250 rpm
0-604.5 sec.4.3 sec.
Quarter-mile e.t.12.8 sec.12.1 sec.
Quarter-mile speed112 mph115 mph
Top speed**155155
100-0310 ft.303 ft.
60-0115 ft.109 ft.
300 ft. skidpad0.92 g1.00 g
Slalom, 100 ft.68.5 mph71.7 mph
Curb weight3,901 lb.3,879 lb.
*Unofficial performance figures provided by SVT
**Electronically limited

The latest on KR production is that Shelby is increasing production from 1,000 units during the '08 model year to an additional 746 for 2009. Of those, 571 will go to buyers in the United States, with the remaining 175 to go outside the U.S. Shelby Automobiles chose the total of 1,571 to match the original number of KRs built in 1968.