Jeff Ford
August 1, 2002

Team Mustang Plus One
So, who are these guys? Well, Scott Hoge, (second from left) chief designer of the Mach 1, is a Mustang fan from way back and has been a subscriber to Mustang Monthly for 15 years. In fact, Scott owns a '70 428CJ Mach 1. That makes him particularly well-suited to the job of making the Mach 1 what it is. To Hoge's left are the other fellows who pulled it all together-Daniel Lymburner is the manager for powertrain engineering on Mustang, Brian Young is the product development Mustang GT calibration engineer.

Of course, this would have looked really lame if Nathanial Key had not brought out his beautiful '70 Mach powered by a 351 Cleveland 4V, and has all the goodies. Our thanks and gratitude go out to all of these guys for bending over backward to help us.