Jeff Ford
August 1, 2002
Tire Specifications 1970
E78-14 F70-14 F70-14
Fiberglass- Fiberglass- Fiberglass-
belted, WSW belted, WSW belted, RWL
351 V-8 Standard Option
428 V-8 Standard Option
428 Cobra jet Option

What It Is
When we first saw the '03 Mach 1, we knew Ford had a winner. The hood and Shaker scoop alone were worth the price of admission. Not to mention the Magnum 500 esqu wheels and the subtle graphics. We weren't prepared for the 32-valve experience that's nothing like its Cobra cousin-but more on that later.

Scott Hoge and Co. has put a lot of thought into the Mach 1-as much, if not more so, than the Bullitt from last year. The car is subtle but catchy, wild but refined. In short, it's an updated Mach 1 that's the perfect replacement for the vintage cars.

'03 Mach 1
Engine and Transmission Modifications
* The functional Shaker is modeled after the original '69 Shaker. The Shaker is mounted to the intake manifold and directs fresh air to the air-filter tray assembly.
* The dual 57mm throttle body feeds air through a cast-aluminum intake manifold and into a set of new high-flow, four-valve cylinder heads.
* The new cylinder heads house a 5.4L four-valve intake cam and a high-performance exhaust cam. This cam combination greatly enhances torque at lower engine speeds.
* A new set of exhaust manifolds are port-matched to the new cylinder heads.
* The mufflers are tuned to create a unique sound and the tips are chromed, setting the Mach 1 apart from other steeds in the stable.
* The Mach 1 axle has been upgraded with a high-torque differential that is coupled to a set of 3.55:1 final drive gears.

* Independent, modified 35mm piston, Tokico valve MacPherson strut with separate spring on lower arm and stabilizer bar.
* Springs-Helical coil, rubber-insulated, unique linear rate. Springs are 600 lb/in linear (lowers car 11/42 inch).
* Shock Absorbers-Integral with Tokico strut, gas-pressurized, hydraulic, unique valving.
* Stabilizer bar 26.5 mm (1.04 in.) solid.

* Four-bar link with coil springs on lower arm, unique horizontal axle damper and stabilizer bar.
* Springs-Helical coil, rubber-insulated; 250 lb/in linear (lowers car 11/42 inch) unique linear rate.
* Shock Absorbers-Unique axle damper, gas-pressurized, hydraulic vertical Tokico shock absorbers with horizontal axle dampers, unique valving
* Stabilizer bar 23mm solid (0.905 inch) solid.