Jeff Ford
August 1, 2002
Tire Specifications 1969
E78-14 E70-14 F70-14 FR70-14 F70-14
BSW Wide-Oval Wide-Oval Wide-Oval Fiberglass-
Fiberglass- Fiberglass- Radial Ply belted
belted, WSW belted, WSW N/A RWL
351 and 390 V-8 Std. Opt. Opt. Opt. N/A
428 V-8 Std. Opt. Opt. N/A
428 Cobra jet N/A N/A N/A Mandatory

Back in the day, the Mach 1 was a car that was to be "designed by you." That meant you got your Mach with several levels of performance. One thing you didn't get in 1969 was a code to denote the Mach 1 in the vehicle identification number (VIN). Not until 1970 did Ford give the Mach 1 its own "05" code in the VIN. What you did get was, at the very least, a 351 2V Windsor and three-speed tranny in addition to all the Mach 1 stuff listed below.

As the Mach 1 grew and changed, so did its option list. There were, as of 1971, very few options left. Perhaps this is why Ford decided to go with the look and feel of the fist two years of the Mach 1 for the '03. Even so, there were plenty of ways to option out the Mach 1 in 1969 and 1970. Many revolved around the list below, but many were creature comforts that we really don't have the space to go into here.

Mach 1-1970
* Special grille with unique driving lamps.
* Mach 1 hood treatments-The '70 Mach 1 hood features a wide paint stripe down the center of the hood, either low-gloss black or white depending on the body color. A thinner stripe is on either side of the large stripe. The engine size is inserted into the stripe on each side of the standard hoodscoop (bolt-on, nonfunctional-the functional Shaker is standard with the 428 Cobra Jet Ram-Air, optional with all other engines. Its stripe wraps around the back of the scoop). Twist-type hood latches are standard.
* Dual color-keyed racing mirrors.
* Aluminum rocker panel moulding-unique to the '70 Mach 1. The dark-gray mouldings are finned and feature die-cast "MACH 1" lettering on the front fender.
* Wide decklid tape stripe, either black or white depending on the body color, with die-cast "MACH 1," centered on the rear face of the decklid.
* Dark gray honeycomb rear-panel applique.
* Pop-open gas cap.
* Chrome oval exhaust extensions-with the 351 Cleveland 4V or either 428 4Vs only.
* E70x14 fiberglass-belted tires.
* Sports wheel covers-simulated mag-type.