Mike Ficacci
October 1, 2009
We used a bag of ice and electric fans to cool the blower.

Knowing max power could only be had with a cool blower, we let the GT500 sit for 45 minutes, with ice chilling the blower and the inlet elbow. We then aired the tires down to 15 psi., performed a Second-gear burnout and staged shallow. Using another 3,800-rpm launch and a smooth clutch release produced the best 60-foot time of the day (1.77), and after three clean powershifts, we were on our way to an 11.592 at 118.45 mph, just one tick off the best time in the KR.

Considering the KR ran 11.589/122.16, we were pleased and decided to swap back the stock F1 rubber measuring 285/35ZR-19-inches. On our first try we ripped off a clean launch (1.91 60-foot) and despite spinning all the way through Second, we mustered an 11.95 at a screaming 120-plus mph. It was our best run on the stock tires. We attribute the big mph to the wheel spin and the shorter overall height. Looking back, the KR ran 11.928/120.77 on it's sticky 285/40/18-inch F1 tires.

Ford has put together a stout package that is relatively affordable and has amazing potential. With a few tricks, just about anyone could run 10s and still enjoy all that Ford has engineered into the car. Now we just need a long-term tester to prove our point.

{{{2010 Shelby GT500}}} Scorecard
5. 1.91311.951/120.29*
* Run with stock tires; all other
runs with 26x11.5x17-inch Mickey
Thompson E.T. Streets