Steve Baur
Former Editor, Modified Mustangs & Fords
June 1, 2008
Photos By: Courtesy of Saleen

As automotive editors, we're often invited to press conferences and meetings where car manufacturers speak about their new products. There's usually a snazzy video presentation and some sort of unveiling-which is cool and all-but every now and then a manufacturer steps up and, rather than talk about the vehicle and show you someone driving it at the limit, actually puts you behind the wheel and lets you hang the tail out all on your own. That's exactly what Saleen did with the launch of its most powerful Mustang to date, the S302 Extreme.

El Toro Marine base in Irvine, California, was the site of our test. Saleen luminaries such as CEO Paul Wilbur, CTO Chris Theodore, General Manager Marques McCammon, VP of Dealer development Tom Ryan, as well as a host of engineers and other Saleen employees were on hand to answer questions and facilitate the day's activities, which centered around sampling the S302 Extreme's abundant horsepower and torque, while navigating a rather intricate yet lengthy autocross course.

Truth be told, Saleen also allowed us to sample its new Heritage H302 model on the same day. The H302 is patterned after the widely popular Parnelli Jones edition Saleen from 2007, featuring a naturally aspirated, bored and stroked 4.6L modular powerplant with a healthier 302 cubes and 390 hp. As much as we like the H302 and all it has to offer, the horsepower junkies in us were ready to savor the purported 620hp S302 Extreme Mustang, and your author was in the first run group to get their hands on both a black and silver S302.

Saleen has expanded its product lineup, offering several Mustang and truck models. The S302 in the foreground is the company's halo production vehicle and an industry standard with regard to high-performance American sports cars.

The previous-generation S281 Extreme Mustang featured a 4.6 engine that was fortified with forged internals. For the S302, Saleen pulled no punches with the new powerplant. Starting with the standard 4.6 block, the eight holes were bored out, for a displacement of 302 ci. Forged pistons, a crankshaft, and connecting rods provide a solid foundation on which Saleen set a pair of CNC-ported cylinder heads with performance camshafts.

Both Extreme Mustangs feature Saleen's Series VI supercharger system, but the S302 benefits from an upgraded, heavier-duty, dual-stage air-to-water intercooler to further cool the intake charge. With a Power-flash performance calibration and 2.5-inch stainless steel exhaust system, the S302 thumps out an '09 Corvette ZR1-matching 620 hp at 6,300 rpm, and 600 lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. The Saleen engineers were hinting around that final power figures may be even a little higher once the cars hit the production line, but 620 is more than enough to handle most anything the current competition has to offer.

Your author prefers this rear-wing-delete model S302 for its sleek and uncluttered look. The five-spoke wheels are forged-aluminum pieces measuring 20x9 up front and 20x10 at the back.

The typical Saleen customer isn't neces-sarily worried about who's carrying the big-gest stick in the alley, however, as handling and ride quality are also extremely important. The S302 doesn't disappoint, as we sawed through the sea of autocross cones with great ease and control. The Racecraft suspension does a superb job of planting the mountainous torque and horsepower, where most aftermarket buildups with that kind of power leave the driver in a scary position of tail wagging.

Both the H302 and S302 Saleen Mustangs share the company's Watt's link-style rear suspension, which replaces the factory Panhard bar used for locating the rear axle side to side. The Watt's linkage uses two separate links that pivot off of the rear differential cover. The problem with the Panhard bar is that as the rearend moves through its range of travel, its side-to-side position changes through the course of its arcing motion. The Watt's linkage keeps the axle centered no matter what the range of motion. This translates into more surefootedness and a better ride quality. We also believe Saleen's Watt's linkage and suspension calibration are partly responsible for allowing the S302 to hook up the majority of that 620 hp. In addition to the Watt's linkage, Saleen's Racecraft suspension components complete the rest of the underpinnings with sport-tuned coil springs, sway bars, and custom-tuned N2 shocks and struts.