Michael Galimi
June 1, 2008
Photos By: Greg Jarem, Team MM&FF
Exterior mods were limited, and Roush didn't overdo it. The front fascia is familiar Roush styling, and black is the Nitemare's theme.

Other high-performance F-150 vehicles on the market have emulated the look of the highly popular Gen 3 Lightning concept. Roush bucked that trend and simply went after the performance of the Lightning and stuck with a traditional Roush look. The black paint and black matte stickers go along well with the Nitemare theme. A front chin spoiler adds an aggressive appearance, while all the badges have been blacked out. The wheel and tire package checks in with 20-inch rims and Goodyear rubber all around. An F-150 4x2 Roush Sport Suspension package lowers the truck and improves handling. The interior is bare, with a standard steering wheel (as opposed to a leather-covered one), a manually adjustable seat, and a standard cab. Aluminum pedal covers add a bit of shine to the interior, and "Nitemare" is proudly embroidered on the seats, floor mats, gauges, and dashboard. All told, our test vehicle came in at a sticker price of $45,665.

Mid-13s at the strip are impressive, and we think the truck can go quicker with a few mods. Boost output is usually limited to 5 psi in Roush vehicles, so swapping on a smaller blower pulley will help. In addition to more boost, we'd add a more aggressive computer tune and possibly a set of headers. Those mods should help this truck run in the 12.70-12.80 range with ease.

There are approximately 360 Roush-authorized Ford dealers across the United States and Canada, and you better head into one quickly if you want a Nitemare. Roush will produce only 100 units of this truck.

The Roush Nitemare is a supercharged dream that you won't soon forget.