Michael Galimi
November 6, 2007
Contributers: Steve Baur Photos By: Greg Jarem, Frank H. Cicerale

Teaser Pics
It's time to put the rumors to rest. Ford has once again brought the Bullitt Mustang to market, and only MM&FF can bring you this exclusive test of the 2008 Mustang Bullitt. From the mods to the muscle, we tell all in the February 2008 issue, on-sale 12.25.07. Here are a few pics from our photo shoot, where we re-created the chase scene from the cult-movie classic, starring Steve McQueen.

The hill-jumping, oil-pan-scraping, tire-shredding chase between Frank Bullitt's Mustang and the villain's Dodge Charger is arguably the best driving scene in big-screen history, and while we didn't get airborne with the Bullitt, we did drive it through the great state of New Jersey and gave a full evaluation of this 315 horsepower Mustang. We'll keep the drag strip performance a secret for now, but we will say that this Bullitt spun the chassis dyno to 288 rwhp and 308 rwtq. Look to Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords for a full-on feature and the scoop about Ford's latest Pony car.