Jim Smart
January 1, 1999
Photos By: Ford Motor Company

Step By Step

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Mustang at full chat on a twisty road. This is the final step for the Mustang before the redesign in 2005.
Two body styles remain for the '99 convertible and hardtop. Both are available in standard and GT form. By the time you read this, the '99 Cobra will be introduced.
It remains America's original fun car because, top down, you just can't beat the experience. There's no chance of slowing down this Mustang.
Top up, the convertible is extraordinarily quiet, thanks to a liner inside the convertible top. Conversation can be held with ease at 70 mph.
The '94-'98 interior returns with few changes, but more color choices and new bucket seats. Gone since 1998 is the midship dash dome that used to house the digital clock. The clock has been moved to the stereo.

What an invitation to receive from Ford Motor Company. Come join us in beautiful northern Michigan for a '99 Mustang ride and drive--more than 300 miles of twisty roads and hairpin turns, interstate highway, through the woods, along the coast of Lake Michigan, stop-and-go traffic, heavy rain--every driving condition possible in northern Michigan in October.

Our French-built, high-wing American Eagle ATR-72 twin turboprop barked the main landing gear tires on touchdown at Traverse City, Michigan, trumpeting our arrival after a bumpy ride from Chicago aboard a 767. Just outside baggage claim in the rain was a lineup of '99 Mustangs in every color imaginable. It was a good-looking crop of early production fillies: hardtops, convertibles, V-6s, and V-8s.